Yet another....Bath and Body Works Outlet Haul

by - Sunday, September 25, 2011

So I went back...I don't know why...I must stop going all together to the Bath and Body Works Outlet. It just is so convently located nearby that I couldn't resist.  

I vow from now on to only go to look for Forever Sunshine products or gifts for birthdays or other occasions....I shall not buy unless I have a reason...not because I want stuff.

That being is my haul
 Leaves: I got 2 plug in refills ($3.63 for them), Leaves candle ($3.13), Scentegg ($1.75) and room spray ($1.75). I got another of the sprays for my sister and I also got her a cinnamon oil, she liked the cinnamon smell in my apartment the other day, they didn't have a spray so I thought leaves was a good substitution.
Butterfly Flower: Shower Gel ($2.75, I only had the cream version, so I though I should get it while I could),2 room sprays ($1.75 each) and 2 oils ($1.88 each). I loaded up on the sprays and oil since I haven't seen them since they opened the outlet. I was kicking myself for not getting more last time I saw I have no worries.
Hand sanitizer spray in Fresh Lemon ($1.13) and Scent-portable 2 refill pack in Calipso Sun ($4). I also got my sister a mini Carried Away ($1, her name is Carrie, I thought it was cute).
Burning cinnamon oil an unscented candle and my leaves candle.

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