Mac Posh Paradise Paint Pots

By Friday, September 23, 2011 , ,

Posh Paradise was released a few weeks back by mMAc, and with it the much anticipated launch of 8 new limited edition Paint Pots.
I live all year for the random and few paint pots the Mac will grace us with. Last years Coral Crepe was amazing, while the winters Cham-Pale only broke my heart with disappointment.

This years seem to be much more lively and exciting. I stopped by the store and picked up 3 of them for myself.
Treasure Hunt - Light Pearled Yellow (pearl)
HyperViolet - Deep Violet (cream)
Half-Wild - mid-tone purple (frost)
treasure hunt left
half-wild middle
hyperviolet right
I love all of them. I have no colours like these at all. Unlike the ones from the winter, they have amazing pay off and texture.