My Dresser...Perfume and Body Products.

By Sunday, September 25, 2011 ,

Oh so not grown-up with the stuffies on top, but hey it is what it is. This is my old dresser from age 2-16. I just reunited with it this January when my mom gave it to me when we moved into our bigger place.

My hubby uses it as his dresser but I keep my stuffies on it and out perfume/colognes and my body products in its shelfs.
Skin care:
I have some Equate bio oil, some avon lotion, a palmers stick, body shop oil and body lotion spray, a body shop hand and foot lotion and a mark body butter, scar cream, marry kay hand scrub, avon anti itch spray and proclaim lotion.
Bath and Body Works body creams and body sprays in  Forever Sunshine and Butterfly Flower.

 Various Happy by Clinique roll on perfumes. Some don't have their labels still on them.
Clinique Happy, Happy Heart and Happy Heart Lotion
Various KC minis, Mark Ibiza Sole and a Leo Massage Oil.
Nina Richi L'air, DKNY Pure lotion and the Clinique Happy perfumes again.
Mark Lemon Sugar body spray, DKNY Be Delicious, Avon Make Me Smile, Mark Earth, Cool Water Lotion and Perfume.
Mark Jasmine Honey body spray, Avon Ungaro, The Healing Garden Green Tea and the other products from before.
 The man's stuff. Intimitly Beckam, Cool Water, Gucci, Aiddas (in the back) and Avon Ironman.

Wow that is big collection. To be honest I don't wear perfume often, I should wear it more. I personally love Happy, Ibiza Sole and Be Delicious. Cool water still hangs out because I just can't part with it. Most of the rest I never ever wear.

As for the man, most were gifts and the only one I personally like him to wear (when he rarely does) is Ironman.

Hope you all liked the post.