Curlformers Review

By Tuesday, September 27, 2011 , ,

I little while back I got Curformers at my local Sally's. I tried them out a few times but never got my hair 100% dry and the curls turned out to just be waves.

Last week though I decided to sleep with them in for 100% dry hair and here are the results.

fresh curls
finger combed out
Finger Combed out.

later that day
I must say this is the first time in my life I really have had curls. I cannot manage to get curlers, curling irons or anything else to work. I just am no talented in the hair department.

I slept with them in, and I did not enjoy it at all. If I could give one tip it is if you are planning to sleep with them in, pull them down a bit so they are not so close to the scalp and can be slept on easier.

Easy to put in, easy to take out, great results.

No heat needed for curls
Easy to use
Great effect

Expensive vs an curling iron
Hard to find in Canada (Sally's or eBay)
Uncomfortable to sleep in

I love love love the effect of these. I really cannot state how happy I was with how it turned out. I am really not able to curl my hair with heat so this was great idiot proof option for me.