Quick Note and a Gift Bag DIY

by - Saturday, August 06, 2011

For the past week and a half my cat, Shine has been sick. He has spent most of that time at the vets.
The prognosis is not good, the time left with us is limited, I want to enjoy it, so I doubt I will able to blog much.

With that being said I wanted to treat the girls at the vets with a little gift to show them how much I appreciate what they do for my special little guy.

I already made them some Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies, now it was time for a little treat that didn't wouldn't cause so much caloric damage.

I went to the recently blogged about Bath and Body Works Outlet (the only one in Canada) and got them all a little something.

I got each person (9 in total)
  • A mini candle
  • Lip Gloss
  • Travel body wash
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Room spray
I got some bags that were yellow and bright (like Shine's carrier) and randomly put items into each one.

Now this seems like a pricy gift to give to 9 people, I mean heck the body wash costs $5.50 each regularly, but not at the outlet.

Each baggie cost me $5.25 each to put together and the bags were 3 for $1 ($0.33 each).

So far all the girls are very happy. One lady at the store though I was getting bridal party gifts (great idea, eh?).

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