Bath and Body Works Outlet in Toronto

By Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Two weeks ago I went to my local Bath and Body Works and noticed a sale sign, only to step inside to learn that the location had become an Outlet. In fact this store has only been switched over to an outlet 2 days before I got there.

Everything there is always 75% off!

This is a crazy amazing deal if I do say so myself. A great place to pick up a gift or two. In fact I managed to make my friend a gigantic birthday gift basket by stumbling upon this gem. I doubt I'll be going to a normal BBW any time soon.

Here is a short list of some of the regular prices items cost in the Outlet store:

Bubble Bath $3.33
Body Wash $3.33
Wallflower Plug in Refills $4
Room Sprays $1.75
Mini Body Wash $1.00
Mini Lotions $1.00
Lip Gloss $1.00
Aromatherapy Roller $3.12
Small Candles $1.00

They had tons of xmas items and travel sized items. Any scent from Halloween, Summer '10, Xmas '10, Fall '10 and aromatherapy items seemed to have plentiful stock, I personally loaded up on Butterfly Flower products.

The store is located at 1900 Eglinton Ave East, near Warden (inside the Smart Centre, right across the parking lot from Sally Beauty and near the Walmart)

Want to see what I picked up? Check out my haul blog post.

It seems that the deals have gotten a little weaker at the warehouse. In recent visits the deals have become 50-75% and much of the store is empty. This might be due to growing popularity or just due to the holidays and trying to gouge people a little more, I am not sure, but thought I would update you.

I went in the other day. Most items now have set prices. A great example of this is 3 wick candles are $10. This seems like less of a deal than the 2 for 22.50 deal they have often and then using a receipt coupon to save more.

Another example is lip glosses were $1 but are now 50% off making them $3.60. Big increase. Body sprays are $5 and so are medium one wick candles.

I hope this helps you. If you are in that area or miss a seasonal/discounted scent it is great to check out.