A little something for my Vets

By Saturday, August 20, 2011 ,

So I took a little hiatus from blogging because my beloved kitty cat, Shine is ill and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him while I still could.

The good news is his medication is working and from the looks of things we have a few months left with him. Because he is doing so well I've moved back to my apartment and I am visiting him several times a week at my Dad's.

I honestly have been overwhelmed by all the concerned messages I have gotten from all of you. Thank you so much for your messages of thought, concern, love and over all friendship. Thank you all!

So...last time I blogged I got the girls at the vet clinic (note I work there but for another company, the groomers inside the clinic, so while not my co-workers, they are family to me.), now it is time to thank the 3 vets who have been on his case and been making house calls.
what the girls at the vets
gift bags had in them
So what did I do...naturally I went back to the Bath and Body Works Outlet. The girls bags were such a hit and since Shine got sick money has been tight (vet bills, ahhh!), it was a natural choice.

I picked up all three vets:

  • Butterfly flower body wash ($3.33, oh my dog is a papillon so butterfly flower is a favourite of mine)
  • Burning oil ($0.95)
  • Room Spray ($1.75 - I love these!)
  • Hand Soap ($3.00 I got the creamy ones)
  • Hand Sanitizer ($0.50)
One vet loves candy and has two small girls, so I gave her two containers that will be great for the girls filled with candy for their mommy and a bag of chocolate covered almonds (the containers are under the tissue paper). It was hinted that all I needed to thank this vet was to give her a bag of oreos...haha so funny.
Another vet is just getting the bag, I cannot think of anything unique to toss into the bag, I might before the end of the weekend.
Finally the vet who did house calls every single day for 2 weeks, she is getting a bottle of wine in addition to her bag.
all bagged up.
I also picked up a few things for people at my work. One girls father is obsessed with pine so I got her pine room spray and burning oil. I also got her some more hand sanitizer, she really loves that stuff. Another friend made a crack about not getting any gifts so I picked her up a room spray and lip gloss. I got myself a creamy body wash in Butterfly flower (butterfly lady, told you). Overall my haul was $28! Still a great deal I think.
butterfly flower creamy body wash not shown.
haul minus the butterfly flower creamy wash