June 2011 Favourites

By Sunday, July 03, 2011 , , , , ,

1. Mark Nailed It in Mojito
The perfect Tiffany's blue/green. It is creamy and perfect. I cant stop wearing it and staring at it. I like adding some tkb Hola Glitter on an angle at to the tips. So cute. Downside, it is small and comes with another colour I don't love much at all (I don't like it). Sigh. I want more of this.

2. Annabelle Smoothie in Mokamirage
I love this. It is a great no fuss no muss product for on hot days. Also a great base for eyeshadows. I cannot wait until the new shades are launched next month. ...really can't wait.

3. Joe Fresh Cream Lipstick in Bare
Nudes, on me...what? Ok, you'll never catch me in anything more nude then Mac Viva Glam V lipstick and gloss. I have about a million nude pink brown shades that I have been given, but never wear them. But this one looks good on me. I got so many complements when I did my Joe Fresh Nude look. I think it looks good  on me because it is just as pale as me where other nudes are a bit darker and just don't look that good.

4. EOS Lip Balm in Honeysuckle
I stubbled upon this and love it.  I love that the lid twists on but it is not a tub where I need to use my grubby fingers (lets face it the city and buses are dirty and therefor so are my hands). Oh and it smells fantastic.

5. Vasanti Matte Lipstick in USA
This is one I've wanted for a long time, now I have it and love it. It is by far the perfect red for me.