LaCoupe Salon Fragrance Free Leave in Conditioner Review

By Wednesday, June 29, 2011 , ,

I love Canada, so all this week is Canadiana week here at Batting A Lash.
Specifically formulated to help repair, fortify and detangle. Free of parabens, dyes and perfumes for allergic or sensitive scalps.
LaCoupe Fragrance Free Leave-In Conditioner, an intensely hydrating mist with multi-functional properties that fortify and thicken the hair, for supreme textured styling. The alcohol-free formula won't dry out or aggravate the scalp. Hydrolyzed wheat protein and dual performing conditioning and styling polymers instantly revitalize and volumize locks in one easy step.
I received this leave in conditioner about a year ago and have been using it off and on ever since. I really love what it does for my hair.

It has an extremely fine mist, which is nice when spraying your hair because you don't end up soaking your hair like with a coarser mist.

Its parabens free which is very nice since I am slowly trying to figure out how to eliminate them from my beauty products.

The fragrance free claim is the only thing that I am not sure about. LaCoupe's site states many facts about fragrances and people who have sensitivities. It even has a Look Good Feel Better logo on it (meaning they will donate to the foundation and that they give this product to people in it), but I personally find it to have a strong fragrance. I don't know if I got a bottle that was mixed up with another leave in of theirs or if this really is the fragrance free product. It isn't too strong of smell but it is quite strong that every time I use it I notice it.

  • Canadian Made 
  • Works well 
  • Fine Mist 
  • Paraben Free 
  • Procedes from sales go to Look Good Feel Better 
  • Has a potent smell despite being fragrance free 
I really do like this conditioner, I think I will get more of the organic lines one when I finish it (because of the smell). It has been leaving my hair nice and soft and a little goes a long way