Cargo glosses

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I love Canada, so all this week is Canadiana week here at Batting A Lash.

I love Cargo cosmetics! One of their best known products is their amazing lip glosses. Available in 4 types, High Intensity, Blu_Ray, Classic Lip Gloss and Lip Gloss Tins.

Lip Gloss Quads (tins)
This is the gloss that made us famous! A favorite of celebs and makeup artists, CARGO’s Award-winning formulation is designed to give you gorgeous shine without any stickiness. Four shades are packaged in CARGO’s iconic signature tin. Use each one separately or mix and match endless combinations of your own.

I have this both in quads (what is currently available) and duos (past product). I love them both and they are great, a little goes a long way. The Soho Duo I have gets by far the most use. This is a real kit friendly product.

High Intensity
This high-shine, richly pigmented lip gloss is packaged in a convenient dial-up pen with built-in lip brush. It has the shiny glaze of a gloss with the extra punch of lipstick-like pigment. The non-sticky, conditioning formula lasts all day.

I adore Ecuador in the High Intensity gloss, not only does it have an amazing dark berry shade, it is super pigmented without being overly goopy.

This gloss was designed to make lips look their best in high defintion filming. Our unique formula plumps and hydrates lips, filling fine lines and adding a brilliant shine. Lips fuller and incredibly smooth. Timestrip® Technology lets you monitor the freshness of your gloss by letting you know when it’s time to replenish.

Unfortunately I have yet to try out this gloss but I am eager to try Panama out.

Classic Lip Gloss
Did you know that your gloss, like food, has an expiry date? This award-winning packaging actually lets you monitor the freshness of your gloss! Once the gloss is open and the Timestrip® Technology is activated, the window in the cap changes color over time, allowing you to know when it’s time to replenish. CARGO’s Classic Gloss is our famous non-sticky formula that has become a favorite with consumers and makeup artists

I have this in both Alexandria and Tobago. I love them both but Alexandria gets more wear being neutral and complementary to any look.

  • Made in Canada 
  • Great feeling 
  • Great Colours 
  • Available in both tins and tubes in the same great formulas. 
  • None I can think of 

By far one of my most loved items in my collection. I love that I get the same great product in a tin or tube. They are not sticky at all, have cute location names, and have quite the colour pay off. I really love these glosses.