Mark. Ibiza Sol Collection Review

By Sunday, May 15, 2011 , ,

The new summer collection from Mark. is inspired from the party capital of the world, Ibiza.

This collection features 'nailed it' mini nail polish duos, marbleized lip glosses, marbleized eye shadow sticks, their regular Glowdacious illuminating powders, Instant Vacation after sun balm, and their newest Instant Vacation fragrance mist - "Ibiza Sol". All but the bronzers are limited editions.
The Set that Mark. has on
right now for $40
Although there are 3 lip glosses and 3 eye shadow pencils, I only got one of each. In fact, Mark. is offering a neat little set with 1 gloss, 1 eyeshadow pencil, 1 illuminator, the two nail polishes and the Ibiza Sol fragrance mist for $40, so well that is what I really got.
Ibiza Sol Instant Vacation Fragrance Mist: Described as a marine floral fragrance it is just something I love. I love it so much. I've been craving a fragrance for a few months but couldn't figure out what one it was that I craved, this is it! This is going to be my summer fragrance for sure. I love it!
The Marbleized Eye Shadow Stick in "Aqua Deep": This is really cute. I love that it has more than one shade throughout it. Every time you sharpen it you get a different shade. It comes in a clear pencil that you different is that? I find it strangely appealing to me.
Glowdacious Illuminating Powder in "Shimmied Up": This is a regular item in the Mark. Collection, but very summery none the less. I like that there is a big mirror and a nice brush inside. If I was one for shimmer I would be all over this, but I am not. It is good quality though and I might make an attempt to like it in the near future.
Marbleized Lip Gloss in "Chica Coral": Mark. always has such nice lip glosses. I love the hookups and I love this one. With two shades mixed into one tube this gloss goes on slightly sheer but with enough pigment that it makes me happy. Not sticky and just right, I think it was good choice. I might get another one, but then again I am trying to do my project 5 pan.
Ibiza Sol Nailed It Nail Polish in "Tango and Mojito": These are tiny but cute. The Mojito is like a Tiffany's blue and the Tango is like a orange-red that reminds me of something my mom would have worn in the 1980's. Very cute, very bold, very summery. I have been wearing the Mojito for the last few days and I really really love it.
top gloss in chica coral
eye shadow stick in aqua deep
Overall this is an inexpensive collection filled with great items. The package is a much better deal (since most items are $10 and up) and you are getting more items in this kit for $40. The fragrance is by far my favourite item in the set.

Me wearing the shadow stick, gloss and bronzer...