My Project 5 Pan - the rules, the reasons

by - Sunday, May 08, 2011

This week I got the famed Urban Decay Naked Palette, I had been waiting to find one for a while and while I was happy to get it, I felt no joy in the event at all.

This being the one item I had been patiently waiting for, not hunting for or stalking, but just if I found one I found big deal. I realized now that I had it and since I felt zero joy in the event it was time to stop buying makeup, at least for a while.

Another reason I've chosen to do this that I have way too much makeup...I mean look at my lip drawer...

I tried a no buy before and massively failed. This time I wanted to try a pan project, but a modified one.

JilloJello's Project 5 Plan Rules:
  • I must finish 5 products before buying anything new
    • Hair products for hair products - I must use up 5 hair products before buying a new one
    • makeup for makeup - I must use up 5 cosmetic products before buying a new makeup item
    • skin care for skincare - I must use up my skincare before opening a new one from my new years resolution, but I must use up 5 products before buying a new one.
      • These above rules mean I can't use up 5 hair products and say woo a new lip I can't do that.
  • Used up empties are best
  • Giving away products count
  • Tossing products count
  • If I need something (ex. I use up all my conditioner and my reserves then I get one new conditioner).
A project 5 pans sounds not that amazing, it sounds like a small amount to go through compared to project 10 or 20 pans that are out there. I think it is good for me since it is 3 separate plans in one that it is worth trying out.
Wish me luck guys

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