Magnet Issues

By Monday, May 23, 2011 , , ,

A little while back I got a Makeup Forever Magnetic Palette. It held a lot of my mac shadows but not all of them. I was ok with that, but the Mac shadows didn't stick to it too well. Most of them would pop up.

I quickly realized my MUFE shadows stuck better but not at all to a Mac palette.

So my conclusion....opposite magnitivity.

I made this video that explains it a bit better.

On further realization I learned magnets stick to tins (or metal) and tins (or metal) stick to magnets. That meaning that tins without magnets on the back (empty tins, mufe, mark, or anything else depotted) will stick to a magnet (any magnet) and those with a magnet will stick to tin (think pencil tin or altoids).

Let me explain better.

A mac palette has a tin strip on it, and the shadows have magnets so they stick well together. A MUFE shadow has tin and the palette has a magnet so it works well together. In fact a mufe and mac will stick together.

a mark tin sticking to a mac pro pan (with magnet)
Tins holding magnetic pans
So I am using a pencil set tin as my shadow palette, a good travel palette is an altoids tin.
my pencil tin with zebra duct tape sheet on it
inside the pencil tin
Altoids mint tin holding magnetic backed pans
So I am a little baffled and I hope my new z-palette that is on its way to me has a strong hold for things with magnets on the back. As I understand it right now things right now, palettes with magnets don't hold magnet backed pans to well, but we will see.