Mark Loves, Lusts and Loathing

By Monday, March 14, 2011

I have bought and tried out so many Mark items in the 2.5 years I've sold Avon/Mark that I thought I would make a list of items I love, want and hated.

Self Sanctuary Lemon Sugar Body products:
I cannot express to you how much I love this line. There is always an ongoing change to the line but this one is the only one that is always there. I've been there for and tried it in Jasmine Honey (mmmm), Cranberry Berry (yummy and sweet) and even Lime Lavender (ick). This was always my favourite and I love it to this day. The only item ditched from the line was a body lotion, since there is body butter it wasn't really necessary, but it was just as rich as the butter. BTW the spray rocks and is a must have if getting any items from the collection.
Skin Care that Cares:
This free trade line with organic ingredients is amazingly rich and decadent. The body was is rich enough to be shaving cream. There is just about anything you can thing of is in the line and it is crazy good. I really do love it.
Get a Tint:
A tinted moisturize that works incredibly well and comes in light to dark (and it really is dark). I keep on buying and using up this one.
Skin Care Line:
I have tried just about everything from this line but right now I am using the Self Improvement kit that has 3 travel and 3 full sized products. I like small products in my washroom so I am using the travel bottles and refilling them as needed. The mist opportunity is a great skin refresher while the Claming effect leaves my skin clean but not stripped in moisture. 
Get a palette, pop in shadows or blush and you are ready to go. I love the colour and quality of these that I have 9 of the shades now.
No Place To Run Liners:
The best thing of all! I picked all of them up and I really am glad I did. These stay put and comes in great shades, oh and $7. Check out my review.

Keep It Going: Long Wearing Liner and Shadow:
I've only heard great things about these. I really want them but have yet to make the commitment.
Nailed it:
After seening these in person I really want them. These uber cute nail polishes come in sets of two and are so pretty. I love them and want them.
Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder:
After hearing youtubers Pixiwoo and Pursebuzz talk about these recently it has only created more interest on my part.

Hold Please Eye Primer and Concealer:
I got this after reading good reviews on it. I cannot say anything good about it. I hated it so much. I did a review here....but non the less it creases and causes me much sadness.
Pro Glimmer:
This is supposed to extend the use of your lip gloss, but powder on top of gloss is goopy and strange. If I wanted matte lips then I wouldn't put gloss on in the first place. 
Lipclick Full Coverage Lipstick:
I cannot stand the smell of this lipstick, I am sure it is nice, but the smell is a fake mint smell that drives me nuts.
Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain:
This stuff doesn't stain the lips at all! It is just a sheer gloss. Not much in it too. Just not a fan, I actually feel scammed about the staining claim.