Review: Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss and Moisture Renew Lipstick

By Thursday, September 23, 2010 , ,

Recently I went to my Rexall and got some lip goodies (see them here).

Rimmel is one of my favourite lipstick brands. I love the colour choices and how pigmented they are.

I picked up two very contrasting lip shades in lipstick.....Nude Delight (700) and Funtime Fushia (320).

They go on great and are very pigmented while leaving my lips feeling nice. I also noticed they yet again changed their lipstick packaging, I like it, but I liked the two other version too.

I picked up two Stay Glossys in Black Diva (480) and  Fushia Fever (360). These glosses have a doe foot. They are extremely pigmented and don't even really need lipsticks under them. I don't find them sticky at all.

I got Mac's Glimmerglass in Blackware last September,so I thought it would be great to compare Black Diva to it.
top-Rimmel Black Diva
Blackware is actually has a bit more grey to it than the Black Diva. It is also a thiner. Black Diva is actually a better gloss! Shocked? I am.
Left- Fushia Fever
Right- Funtime Fushia Lipstick
Both the Fushia lipstick and gloss are gorgeous, I love them both. I realized though the gloss doesn't even need a lipstick under it, it is sooooo opaque.
Left top- Black Diva Gloss by Rimmel, Left bottom-Blackware gloss by Mac
Middle Top-Fushia Fever lipgloss by Rimmel, Middle bottom-Funtime Fushia lipstick by Rimmel
Right- Nude Delight Lipstick by Rimmel
Over all I still love Rimmel for the lips! The glosses are soooo thick but not sticky, so opaque that they cover the lips completely. The lipsticks are great too, great colours, coverage and texture. I love Rimmel