HD Powder Review/Comparison

By Thursday, May 13, 2010 , ,

I recently ordered ELF's Studio High Definition Powder, I've been using it the last few days and thought I would give my option on it and compare it to the other HD powders I've used in the past.

100% Silica Powder - I have not tried the legendary Makeup Forever HD Powder, but a year back I feel so in love with the store demo that I went on ebay and ordered a sample of 100% silica powder from a seller. I figured I could try it out and see how I like it and go from there. I found it to be just as fine milled as the MUFE version and worked great. Unfortunately the sample was really tiny....really tiny. It lasted me quite a while and I would most likely still have it if it wasn't for my Zebra halloween look where I used Kett Hydro in white all over my face (that didn't need powder) followed by fluid-line  in blacktrack for the lines (that needed all the loose powder in the world, and one that wouldn't leave a colour trace or smudge the lines while I applied it). I must say this was great for that, it just required so much my sample was no more. It cost me $3 with shipping, I would order it again. 
-Overall a 100% silica fine milled powder leaves no white colour trace on your face, leaves it feeling very smooth and does an excellent job of setting makeup.

Kett Sett - No-Color Setting Powder - I discovered this stuff a few years back when I first started airbrushing. It is meant for setting makeup and leaving no trace on your face. I find you need very little and the results are amazing. I have the compact, for less mess and portability. I grab one every year at the IMATS show and cannot say enough good things about it. My sister in-law just got the loose version and loves it too! I love that so little is needed for a really good setting of makeup, that there is little appearance on the skin and that it is extremely reasonably priced ($20, or less if you are a makeup pro or go to the IMATS). I prefer to apply it with a duo fiber brush or a foundation brush for the lightest coverage possible; I also will mist my face sometimes afterwards with a fixer like Mac Fix+ or Mark Misty Opportunity.
-Overall it is a great portable (if you get the pressed version) product, has a light finish and is great for people who want a light clean finish. I does not feel as smooth as the 100% silica products but is a great alternative.

ELF Studio High Definition Powder - This comes in an amazing package which clicks shut and has a powder puff. I was quite impressed with the size and the quality of the packaging (after all this is ELF we are talking about). It is not as finely milled as the MUFE or 100% silica I got on ebay, but is smooth feeling. It is also not 100% silica it's ingredeients are Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Silica, making it leave a white cast on the face. I'm pale as pale can be and this left me white all over. I tried both the puff that came with it and my duo fiber powder brush for lighter application, both left quite a white cast on my face. The simple solution to this is to spray with a fixer or even water after you have given the product some time to absorb any oil.
-Overall, it is extremely cheap (I paid about $3.50 for it with the sale coupon I used), the packaging is great and can be refilled with another product afterwards (say the ebay powder talked about above), it does a good job of not leaving a heavy or caky finish on the skin, and the white cast can easily be remedied with a spray.

If I had to choose one to buy again I would most likely buy the Kett Sett; it is a necessity in my kit and I love it. If I have to talk silica based HD powders, I would buy the eBay one again but in a bigger size and refill one of the ELF packages. I would recommend trying the ELF one if you were placing an order, for the price it is worth a try.

Health Note: A while back people made a big fuss about silica powder leading to Silicosis (a really nasty lung disease that miners and people who work with clay get), the type of silica used in these powders will not cause silicoses, even when exposed to extremely large quantities. If you wish to find out more please read the following links: