ELF Haul

by - Sunday, May 09, 2010

Oh my, I ordered from ELF again! Again!!! I am a sucker for their great stuff at amazing prices.

Hey there is a dog tennis ball, my phone and my remote in there too, sorry.

Today I picked up:

  • 2 of the Studio makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths - I reviewed these before, they work great and only cost $3 a pack. I might save these guys for the gym bag or a travel bag.
  • 2 of the Mineral Face Primers - I reviewed these before, they now say the size of the product ( .49 oz). Very silicony and not the most effective primer, but I have dry skin and some times some products don't apply as smooth as they should in the winter time, this stuff helps so much with application on dry skin days. I mix it with higher end primers or even just mix a foundation or concealer that is too thick/chalky for a smoother application.
  • 2 of the High Definition Powder - these have 8 g in them so I ordered 2. I've tried high def powder (silica powder) before and loved it, it can be a pricy buy, so I though for the price grabbing 2 and trying them out would be a wise idea. The packaging is large with a sifter and big powder pouf. I didn't realize when I ordered that they would contain so much powder and the powder I had in the past came in a small package, so I'm very impressed by the packaging. Very impressed. 

  • SPF 45 Sunscreen - This is 10 g in the same packaging as the High Def powder. It is pink in colour and I'm very excite to try (yeah sunblock)
  • Eye Primer and Liner Sealer - I reviewed before, love it! So I got another one.
  • Lip Primer and Plumper- I reviewed this one before too, I love the plumper and hate the primer. But a pal asked me to grab one for her, so I did
  • Eyebrow Treat and Tame - I have this in medium, but ordered it this tie in light for my pal. I love mine and cant live without it.
  • Wet Gloss Lash and Clear Mascara - basically it is clear mascara on both ends and one says brows and one says mascara. I got this because it is a cheap and good brow tamer and it is $1.
  • Elements palette - for a buck I got yet another 4 pan palette with a  mirror.
  • Studio Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara- Yep for $3 it is a waterproof mascara, I thought I would try it.
  • Lip Lock Pencil - This one is a pencil that is fat and clear that is supposed to seal in your lipstick.
  • Studio Brush Set - a brush case with 11 brushes. I love their studio brushes and already have a few of them in duplicate, I thought I would grab the rest of the set and give some friends my triplicates.
  • Studio Face Kabuki Brush - I read that these were too soft to be a kabuki, it is true. But it was cheap and I think  it will make a nice blending face brush or general face powder brush.

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