Lush goodies review

By Friday, April 23, 2010

I wandered into a Lush the other day, and for the first time in about 9 years I bought some goodies.

The first thing I grabbed was their "NAKED kit", it contains 6 mini items for $20. I thought it was a good way to try some different things without investing a lot. 
What's inside:
  • A mini facial cleanser in 'Fresh Farmacy' or 'Coal Face', I grabbed the former and I found it actually nice on the face and that it wasn't too harsh and left my face feeling clean
  •  A Toner Tab, I got the Vitamin C version, I have yet to try it, you are supposed to toss it into warm water and let the steam 'clean' out your pours. You can poor the remainder into a bottle and use as a regular toner.
  • 'Mini Squeeky Clean' shampoo bar. I don't know what I'm going to do with this, I no longer use shampoo, and when I tried this 10 years ago it ruined my hair. I might use it to wash my hands.
  • 'Mini Buffy Body Butter' this baby is a moisturizer and exfoliater for in the shower. After washing you rub it all over, focusing on the bumpy spots to exfoliate and fight cellulite. I liked this a lot, it is a little strange, it leaves a buttery film on me and left me nice and soft, I didn't moisturize afterwards and my skin was still soft. My issue, where did it go??? It didn't last very long, one use and 1/3 of it was gone.
  • 'Mini Therapy Massage Bar' this bar is melts as it makes skin contact, it is great to rub onto someone while giving them a massage. What I do is rub it along my legs and arms and rub in the residues as a bar moisturizer.
  • 'Sexy Peel Soap', this soap bar smells like fresh citrus. I have never been a soap bar fan, I love body washes and hate the way soap leaves a film on the skin. I found this smelled great, and left very little film. If there was one item in the kit I would re-buy,  it would be this.
I also tried out the 'Jungle' solid hair conditioner. It is a bar that you rub in your hands to melt and then spread in wet hair as a conditioner. This has Sodium laurel sulphate in it, and I don't know why. No conditioner has this in it (and I have 6 on the go), it is not a common conditioner ingredient, it is controversial in general and I see no use for it in the product. Did I like it? Meh. Left my hair ok conditioned, and left it filmy (like when you use a soap bar in the shower).

I also grabed some bath bombs, they are fizzy and fun but expensive and stained my tub.

The last thing I grabbed was a 'Baby Face' bar,  a bar you rub on your face and it dissolves dirt and then you wipe off with water or toner. It is similar to the cleanse off idea, it uses more of an oil base to remove the dirt (it uses shea butter). I like this it works well to get makeup off and leaves the skin soft an moisturized, it also can be used without water which is good on the go (camping) or for people with dry skin (me).