Cargo 7 in 7 Review

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The other weekend I treated myself to Cargo's 7 in 7 Set. This past week I have been testing it out and wearing it as my work daytime look.

The kit comes with 7 items intend to help you get ready in 7 minutes (hence the 7 in 7).

Not only does it have the 7 wonderful items, it also comes with an instruction pamphlet and a simple reference guide to adhere to your mirror for quick reference

I purchased the set in 'Light-Medium', it also comes in 'Warm-Medium' and 'Deep-Medium', all which feature different shades of the products for different skin tones.
Adihisive for mirror

7 in 7 kit with box


OneBase: This has to be my new spring/summer favourite item. Described as 'Concealer + Foundation in ONE', this product essentially is a really good concealer in a wand form (something I rarely find) meant to be used for spot coverage it works wonders on all your red spots and under-eye circles while not looking cakey. 
Personally I find this awesome over a tinted moisturizer (which I like in the warmer season for the spf and lighter coverage in the humidity). I find that often tinted moisturizers don't provide the coverage I need in some trouble areas, and this just seems to blend in perfectly and do the job just right.
The 'Light-Medium' kit has this in (02), the 'Warm Medium' kit has it in (03) and the 'Deep-Medium' has it in (04)
Essential Palette in Warm Neutral (there are other shades available too): A great neutral quad that contains both shimmery and matte shades that are delightfully labelled for even the most novice makeup users ease. 
I love how fine and smooth the shadows are, how easy they blend and how great the colours look when applied as described (there is a little plastic insert that shows where to put each shade) or when used differently. I find this the perfect work day look and without any fuss or muss over tying to figure out what colours will look good together. I often find myself dressing up the look at the end of the day for night time by adding a splash of green or gold. I find this one of the most versatile palettes I own. Cargo describes it as 'the little black dress of eyeshadows'. Oh and P.S. The nice big mirror is a great bonus.
'Light-Medium' kit contains it in 'Warm Neutral' , 'Warm-Medium' and 'Deep-Medium' kits contains it in 'Dark Neutral'.

High Pigmented Pencil in Black: This is a basic black eyeliner pencil. Usually I am not the biggest fan of eyeliner pencils, but this baby sees to be made a bit more firm and is less soft than many of the other brands I have tried over the years. I like to apply it and smudge it just slightly. I found that it lasted throughout the day very well with little fading or smudging. I'm quite impressed.
All the kits contain it in 'Black'.
Better than Waterproof Mascara in Black: This is not a waterproof mascara, it is a tube mascara (it coats your lashes in tubes to make them look longer) which are more water resistant (they come off with warm water and a little pressure). I loved this on my non working days, it is just sad that when I work the tubes started to fall off. I don't hold it against the mascara, I simply need a really strong waterproof mascara at work (soapy water is thrown in my face all day, not much can hold up to that), there is just no way around it (most waterproof even smudge or flake on me). I really liked the thickness and length this gave my lashes.
Beach Blush in Sunset Beach: This great shimmery blush has 4 shades that can be blended or select-fully used individually. I have the matte Tenerife version and love it, this is definitely more pink and shimmery. Since the 7 in 7 kit contains neutral eyeshadows that are not shimmery and a lighter lipgloss I think adding the pop of shimmer and colour in the cheeks is a great idea to add balance. I really love this blush and think the colours are great for the up coming warmer seasons.
The 'Light-Medium' kit contains Beach Blush in 'Sunset Beach', the 'Warm-Medium' kit has 'Coral Beach' and the 'Deep-Medium' kit has 'Echo Beach'.
Reverse Lipliner: Described as the first liner for lip gloss, this liner goes outside your lip line and is blended out to hold your gloss in place. I tried this once before and ended up not liking it (my sis in law swears by it), I decided this time around to give it more of a chance. Since I've been using it everyday I've decided that I absolutely love this product. It is great with just gloss to hold it in place, but I'm also loving it with long lasting lipstick too, it hold the gloss that accompanies it in place just as well. I'm really glad I've given this another chance.
'Light-Medium' kit contains it in shade (01) while the other kits have it in (02)
Classic Lip Gloss in Tobago: Cargo has and always will make some of the best glosses (in the tins or the sticks). This is more of a sheer shade of baby pink. It isn't overwhelming, and a great  way to complete the look of this kit. I love to use a peach toned lip marker underneath this for a stronger longer lasting colour.
The 'Light-Medium' kit contains 'Tabago', 'Warm-Medium' in 'Luxor' and the 'Deep-Medium' in 'Venice'.

Overview: For the $59 that this cost me I think this is a great deal, many of the items cost $23 to $35 on their own. I also believe this is great 9 to 5 look in a box, that can be dressed up with an extra pop of colour in the lips or eyes. I would give this to someone who is a makeup novice to give them some products that are high quality and easy to use together. It is also a great inexpensive complete stepping stone into high end/good quality makeup for someone who has only bought drug store brands. 
I plan on making this my new 9 to 5 look for the summer season. I hope you all take a look at it if you see it in the stores, it is worth a look.