Balea 3 - in - 1 Cleansing Cloths

By Friday, April 30, 2010 ,

Balea is Shoppers Drug Mart's new house brand that is slowly replacing many of the Life brand beauty products. Life brand is still around, just less and less in beauty products and more and more in the discount/cheaper/more generic  product line (ie. dep gel knock off or sunscreen).

A month and a half ago I ran out of my much loved Mac face wipes (actually they dried up on me AGAIN), I was in SDM and saw that the Balea line was on sale and grabbed some wipes for $6.99. They came in a large tub with a button to open it with, so I thought at the very least if I didn't like them I could put my future Mac wipes into it for storage and stop the drying out.

There were 60 in a box, with a texture on one side for more stuborn makeup and a smother side on the other for more general cleaning. I found the wipes to be quite wet compaired to other brands I have tried and soft on my face. The formula removed makeup really well! I am quite suprised at how much I liked it.

I ran out and grab the refills (2x 60 packs) while they were on sale.

I never thought I wold find something I liked as much as my Mac wipes. I find these wipes thicker and gerneally they say wetter longer in the box. I never have the problem where the last bunch of whipes are dried out.
I also find they have less oily residue than the Mac wipes.

The only down side I'm going to have to say is I no longer have empty bags of Mac wipes to return to the store for back 2 mac. But these babies are cheaper and softer and avalible street when I need more, so no complaints.