NYX Runway Palette/For Your Eyes Only Palette Review

By Monday, May 03, 2010

This past week I went on a mini weekend get away to the Niagara region. We bolted across the border and went to an Ulta store. There they had a buy 3 get 1 free NYX sale on.

I went and took a look at their much much much larger NYX selection. There were lashes, palettes, jumbo pencils in so many more colours (but no milk or cottage cheese, I think they were sold out) and eye primers.

I immediately grabbed the last of the eye primers (in white), I also snatched up a  Jumbo Eye Pencil in Hot Pink (look the exact same as Mac Chromaline in 'Magenta Madness'). The other two thing I grabbed were Runway/For Your Eyes Only Palettes.

The Runway/For Your Eyes Only palettes are combination of 10 colours in varying finishes. I picked up For Your Eyes Only in Smokey Eyes (ESO10SMEY) and The Runway Collection in Secret World (ESP10C08).
Secret World contains greens and orange based browns, all are shimmery, there are no mattes in the palette. Smokey Eyes is all blacks and highlighters, some are matte, most are shimmery.

The Smokey Eye palette lacks colour variation but does manage to pull off different textures by not having all the shades be shimmery. The shades appear to be duplicates at first glance in the store but when looked at carefully you can see that some are more brown tones and others the same shade but with more of a black tone.

Pursebuzz has a great review of the Secret World palette and some looks you can do, check it out :


Ehhh, it was ok, worth the price but I wouldn't run out and order them or hunt them out if I went across to the USA anytime soon, or at least not these two palettes. 
Some of the colours are sheerer than others, none of them blend well without a serious buffer shadow brush and a lot of buffing (a lot!). 

What can I say, they are drug store eye-shadows and that is what they go on like. I have read good things about NYX square little single eye-shadows, but have also read these palettes are just not the same quality, these are more like the NYX eye-shadows that are in packs of three but less pigmented.

The Ulta I went to had very few of these palettes left, and these really were just about my only options. One of my complaints is the lack of colour variation in a 10 eyeshadow palette. I have seen that many of the other Runway and For Your Eyes Only palettes do have brighter colours and more selection in shades within the palette. If I did see one of those I might buy them if the price was right just to give it another chance.

Final Note, both paletes are made in P.R.O.C. a.k.a. China.