Canadian Pride Part Four

By Tuesday, February 09, 2010 , , ,

Today I am once again tackling the massive task of reviewing all the Canadian makeup companies I can think of. On ward we go....

Face Atelier - This Canadian company has some of the best foundations you can buy. There great silicone based foundations last all day with great coverage and texture. They also make beautiful eyeshadows, lovely lipsticks and great brushes. Approved and applauded by PETA and used by Madonna on her last tour, this brand is making head wave and for good reason. 
P.S. - I love the motto "because looking good is the best revenge!" oh so true.

Pash Lips - A small lip brand that seems to be a smash hit and growing at a fast rate. I first discovered this brand in 2005 at the makeup show and was impressed by the product and the idea.  At the time there was only lip gloss, now lipstick and lip liner have joined the line. The claim is that the lip gloss contains an ingredient that will over daily use plump your lips and keep them that way. I recently saw this at my local Rexall, try out a tester when you see one and see if the gloss/sticks are up you alley.

Lise Waiter - This brand has been around since 1972, Lise Waiter herself has been given the Order Of Canada and this brand can be found just about anywhere in Canada and in many International countries. Known for everything from fragrances, skincare, and cosmetics of all sorts. Trendy but not aimed for the young, this line can be found in many Shopper's Drug Marts, Bay's, London Drug's and even The Shopping Chanel. 

  • Portfolio - This wheel of concealers comes in two colour choices and features 5 different shades of concealers for all your needs. 
  • Eye Glitter - One of the items the company is know for is it's glitter liners, liquid eyeliners that are super glittery and available in 11 shades.