Canadian Pride Part Five

By Monday, February 15, 2010 , , ,

In the final chapter of my  Canadian Pride Serries I am going to look two big brands with Canadian roots (although they are no longer Canadian).

MAC - Makeup Art Cosmetics - I would guess if you are reading this you are already familiar with MAC but I couldn't do a series on Canadian makeup and skip this brand.

Founded in 1984 by Frank Toscan and Frank Angelo in Toronto, this brand has grown from a small brand targeted at makeup artist to a giant in the makeup business. In 1994 Estee Lauder Companies acquired controlling interest in the brand and by 1998 full out owned it, ending it's time being a Canadian brand (wikipedia lists its HQ in Toronto, but every time I call I get Markham, I guess it is close enough).

Some of the many things that helped Mac's rise to fame was, pro products, celebrity endorsements, high quality and pigment products, the back to mac program, the Mac AIDS Fund and unlike other brands they do not advertise.

The biggest pride in the Mac Brand legacy is The Mac AIDS Fund has raised over $128 Million to aid people everywhere living with HIV/AIDS. Every cent of the Viva Glam products sold goes to the fund, so I highly recommend running out and grabbing one, it will do a lot of good.


  • Cream Coloured Bases - Always great as a lid or lip base and as cream blush. I showed off my collection in September  and I recommend that everyone checks them out in there local store or better yet the pro store that has a bigger selection. I cannot live without them as a blush base.
  • Eyeshadows - I try to always get the pro pans, but often get pre assembled limited edition quads. I love the consistent quality, colour pay off and texture of the products.  
  • Minerlaized Skin Finish Natural - I just became a majour fan of this product. It is a great mineral powder that can be used to finish your foundation and gives a great subtle mineral glow in the process. I find it more natural and less chalky than many finishing powders. It is also a great product for quick makeup days, simply use a kabuki and buff it on all over instead of your foundation, the coverage is perfect and it looks great.
  • Pigments - While I am not a fan of loose eyeshadows, Mac's Pigments are more than eyeshadows, they can be used for anything (lips, cheeks, eyes). I personally have pressed mine into eyeshadow pans just so that I do not make a mess and for ease of use. These jars are huge and will last you forever, definitely worth the money.
  • Pro Longwear Lipcolour - This is a long wear lip stick that has a great top coat. I used to use drug store brand long wear lip stick and found them very drying and crumbly, the top coats were sticky and I disliked them. This is not like that at all. They go on smoooooothhhh, last all day, and the top coat is silky and not sticky at all, never have I wanted to apply a top coat as often as this. I have Loyal and Clingpeach.

Elizabeth Arden - Born Florence Nightingale Graham in Woodbridge, Ontario where she lived until she was 24 and moved to Toronto to attend nursing school and at age 30 moved to New York. According to the Elizabeth Arden corporate site, "As a nurse, she foresaw burn creams and skin salves not just as medicine, but with the potential to be beauty creams and lotions." She began her line with skin care in mind, something that had not been seen at the time. 
Throughout the next few decades her as well as Helena Rubinstein changed the way women looked at beauty and makeup. These inovative women made makeup something that only ladies of the night wore to a must have for every woman in America and in every corner of the world. Always with a focus on science and preventing aging, the line has maintained it's popularity with women in their 40's and older. The company has also gained power in the perfume market  by manufacturing their own brands Red Door and Curve as well as many celebrity frangrances such as Elizabeth Taylor's, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff as well as many more. Most likely the biggest innovation the company has had in recent history is the Prevage skin care line. It maintains the focus on science for lasting beauty in skin care products while claiming that the line  is "Proven to help slow the chain reaction that can result in visible signs of aging".