MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review

By Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mac Cleanse Off Oil Review:

I heard of cleansing oils a few years back but had never bought one until I saw that MAC made one. I must say that I love this and could not live without it.
The concept of a cleansing oil is that you would use it on a dry face and rub it around your face to emulsify any dirt and oil on your face. Then you would take some water on your hands and rub it around for a bit and then rinse off. You could then choose to wash your face like usual or just skip that step and continue on your facial routine.
The basic idea is that the oil clings to the dirt and oil on your face and bonds with it and then easily rinses away.
I have always found that after washing my face that it was always dry and despite how much moisturizers I used it would always feel dry and tight. With using this product I found that my skin doesn't get as dry and is always squeaky clean.
I find that on a daily basis this is one of my favorite facial products, it never causes a break out and never leaves residue on your face.