Elf Part 2

By Friday, October 16, 2009 , ,

For my second part of my ELF/eyeslipsface.com review I am going to talk about the Mineral Line and the Studio Line Products that I have gotten over the years.

The mineral line is an inexpensive line of mineral makeup. There are kits for different skin tones, eyeshadow looks (smokey eyes for example), brushes, and more. Overall it is a good line, not expensive and good quality mineral makeup. I do love the foundation and will be getting for a 3rd time shortly.

Mineral EyeshadowMineral Eyeshadow: This is a loose mineral eyeshadow that comes in a shaker container. I have the Earthy Shade. For $3 I would say that is a great deal if you like mineral eyeshadow. I find that it is quite shimmery, but I find that about all mineral products (especially eyeshadows). I only have Earthy because I wanted to try one out and see how I liked it before I ordered more. I would order again.
Mineral FoundationMineral Foundation: Comes in a larger shaker container than the eyeshadow, this foundation is wonderful. I found it was not too shimmery and equally as good as the MAC version, but $5! It also offers SPF protection, which is always a plus. I am a Light, which is odd since I am normally the lightest colour available. I have ordered this twice now and will reorder when I run low again.
Mineral FoundationMineral Concealer: Looks the exact same as the foundation. It is super shimmery and I suppose the idea is to diffuse the look of flaws. I did not like this, I tossed it right away. $5
Mineral FoundationMineral Blush: Same size and packaging as the foundation. I personally did not keep this, I bought it for a friend who loves Sheer Cover. She said she liked it a lot but still loves her Sheer Cover. For $5 I would think I might switch, but she is such a fan how could I convert her?
Mineral Foundation

Eyeshadow Primer: This is a wand that has a sponge on it for application, It is flesh toned and slightly tacky. It is a decent primer, I honestly have not given it enough of a chance yet. So far I think it is a good product for $3.
Studio Line:
The studio line is 'pro' quality products at $3 an item (except where listed). Overall I am impressed with this line...really impressed. I want more!

Mineral EyeshadowLip Primer & Plumper: This is a dual ended lipstick tube. On one side "primer" the other "plump". The Primer side has a concealer like stick on the end. It is extremely smooth/balmy and is not really a good lip primer. When I tried to put lipstick on top of it my lipstick had the product all over it. The Plump side is a cinnamony clear stick that is meant to plump your lips. It truly reminds me of a stick version of Duwop's Lipvennom. The plump side seemed a little small and actually broke on me, yet I still love it and will be getting it for me and my many friends. I must also state, I never find products like this work for plumping....but I still love it. $3.
Mineral FoundationEyeliner & Shadow Stick: With an retractable eyeliner on one side and a complementing shadow stick on the other, this is a nice purse product. I have the green/moss combo. I like the liner a lot but find the shadow a bit slippery. When I apply the liner over the shadow it seems to move bit, for $3 I would buy again .
Mineral Foundation
Eye Primer & Liner Sealer: One side has a 'primer' stick that looks like a concealer stick. It actually is a great shadow primer. I found it works well and is definitely worth the money. The other side is a 'seal' side. This end has a nub with a clear liquid on it that can be mixed with eyeshadows to create an eyeshadow. This works well , but heck so does water. $3, I would buy again.

Mineral FoundationEyebrow Kit: This has a creamy dark side and a powdery lighter side. Meant to be mixed together using the brush that is included to make your brows look great. I find this a great product. No complaints. $3, I would buy again.
Mineral FoundationEye Transformer: This palette has four eyeshadows in it that are meant to transform your current collection into new shades. Each having a different shimmer to to and different tone I think this is a must have for any kit. Great for highlighting, using alone or creating new looks with existing shadows. For $3 go get it, NOW!
Mineral FoundationCorrective Concealer: Four concealers meant to camouflage and conceal. I found this too waxy and did not like it. $3, I would not buy again, but will try it again and see if my view changes.
Mineral Foundation

Small Smudge Brush: This is an awesome little brush, great for smudging like it say, but also for lining your under eyes or details. $3
Mineral FoundationContour Brush: This is a great eyeshadow brush and an even better contour brush. Buy it, it is great quality and worth the money. $3
Mineral Foundation Eyebrow Treat & Tame: I like this one the most. One side is 'treat'. It is a clear liquid with a small brush on it. It is meant to help your lashes re grow after over plucking. Not a problem I have, so I haven't used it too much. It is not gel like in finish so it would not make a good brow gel. The other side it the 'tame' side. This has a pigmented brow gel in it that has a mascara like wand on it. I have this in medium, I love the colour, it is a reddish brown so it goes better with my hair than any other brow product I have tried. The wand make it easier for me to use than the eyebrow kit. For $3 I am going to get a few for my next order.