E.L.F. Cosmetics (part 1)

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Over the last 3 years I have place quite a few online orders for E.L.F. aka eyeslipsface. Scarce to find in Canada, but available at target and other cheap stores in the USA, E.L.F. is an inexpensive cosmetic line thats

original line is $1 usa!!! So it should come to no surprise that like many of their products.
ELF has three basic cosmetic lines, the original/regular that cost $1 an item, Mineral line that is $3-5 each and the Studio line that is $3 an item.
Stuff I have gotten over the years:
(Since I have gotten so much over the years, this post is about the regular line products I have gotten over the years)
Original Line (all a dollar unless otherwise stated):

Plumping lip gloss: Dual ended lip gloss with a pearly end that is minty and is supposed to plump and a coloured end that is slightly less minty and ads colour. There is an optical illustion that occurs when you look at the gloss, it look large and full in the container, but if you look at the end, you see it is mainly plastic and it really has very little product in it...but it cost $1, so nothing to complain about. I found it did not plump my lips but it did feel nice. I bought the kit that was once available with 5 colors.

Candy Shop Lip Tins: These great little metal tins are filled with gloss that smells fantastic! Worth every penny. My only issue is my lips seem to go tingly with a few of the flavours, but not all (it must be an ingredient issue). I have Mocha Maniac and coconut crazed.

Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liner: Generic Lip Liner, it is ok, a little hard on the lips.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick: a lipstick in a clickable dispenser with a foam tip. I find it quite nice and moisturizing and more like a colorful gloss but less messy. I have Pink Lemonade '06 andPink Lemonade .

Hypershine Gloss: I did not like this one at all. It is a tube that clicks to release the gloss to a brush. It is sticky and not colorful at all.
Hypershine gloss cell phone charm (aka the ipod shuffle charm thing) 8 Hypershine lipglosses on string that can hang off most cell phones. ($5)
Super Glossy LipShine SPF 15: Glosses that are in a tube and can be squeezed out (therefore they are great for makeup kits). These babies are great, they have a great texture and are rich in color. I love glosses that are nice and opaque, and these are exactly what I want. I have every colour, yes every one.

Custom palettes: You can get eyeshadows, blushes or lipsticks that fit palettes to make your own custom palettes. The palette pans are also available f
or a buck and have a mirror on them
Palette Lipsticks: These are the lipsticks that go into palettes, I was not too impressed by the colours, texture or anything about them.
Palette Eyeshadows: Crubly, no color payoff and chalky, overall I did not like at all.
Palette Blushes: Exactly the same thing as the other two, I did not like at all.
Palette: For a buck you cant go wrong, fill it with MAC, fill it with Annabelle, press your own makeup and fill it, but I wouldn't put the ELF in it.

Shimmering Facial Whip: This is a multi purpose item. They can go onto the lips, cheeks and eyes. I am not a big fan of shimmer, but I love these. A little on the centre of the lips to ad highlight, a little on the cupids bow to ad depth, highlight the eyes with it for a night look or create a highlight on the cheeks with it. I have all the colors and my favorite is still pink lemonade.

All Over Color Stick: are the same idea as the shimmering facial whip but in a little stick but for some reason I don't like them quite as much. I still like them, but just not as much.

All Over Cover Stick: This is basically a foundation in a stick. It is a little thick and spreads poorly. It also smeels like orange, I do not like fragrance in my foundations.

Tone Correcting Concealer: a concealer in a tube with a sponge applicator, it is a little thin and smells like orange, would not buy again but did not throw out.

Liquid Eyeliner: Typical liquid eyeliner, has a brush not a nub. It went on easily but it had too much latex in it so peeled off easily and didn't look too well.

Earth & Water Mascara Duo: A dual ened mascara tube with a waterproof version on one end and a regular version on the other. I actually liked this one alot, not to thick and it did not clump, as well the waterproof did not cruble and stayed on really well.

Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara: A dual eneded clear mascara tube with one side that says brow and one side that says lash. They both have the same wand and the same product, but it is nice to have two different products to prevent contamination and keep the eye part clean. the only draw back is it seems to dry out fast. I would buy it again in a second.

Brightening eyeliner: An eyeliner that is really hard, but comes in great colours and is a buck. Not much else to say.

Eye Widener: A white eyeliner with a sharpener on the lid. Stiff and hard but a buck.

Foundation Brush: This is a great smaller foundation brush.

WHEPPPHHH that was alot, I think I buy too much when I buy online and it is only a buck.
Check out www.eyeslipsface.com to see all the neat stuff.