Mac Cream Colour Bases (CCBs)

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Today I got up early and went downtown to do a friends makeup for her wedding. Since I was already downtown I took the opportunity to go to the MAC Pro store and check out the Cream Colour Bases (CCB).

CCB can be used on your eyes, lips, face to any degree of intensity. I like using them on the lips for a lip colour and then a more blended version on the cheeks for a blush base. They also make a great cream eyeshadow or an eyeshadow base.

Until the other day I had only one CCB, PEARL (Soft pale gold with icy shimmer according to mac's site). I have always wanted more CCBs but most Mac stores only have four in stock and they are always shimmery, so going to the Pro store seemed like the best way to stock up on some great colours.

I picked out four that I wanted to get, but unfortunately three were discounted, but luckily the sales rep let me have the demos (how great is that?). All the shades I grabbed were matte, I figured I could always use the Luna to add shimmer to any of them, or another shimmer option.

Pearl, which I have had for quite a while is one of the must have items for anyones makeup kit. It makes a great cheek highlighter, It works well on the cupids arrow to add depth and shimmer and it is great under the eyebrows as a highlighter. Basically it is a great highlighter and it can add shimmer to any existing look.

On Thursday I purchased BLACK from the new Style Black collection. It is just a plain black ccb. I tried it on my eyes as a base for a smokey eye and fell in love. not only did it add that intensity I was looking for, it could have been the only thing I needed for the smokey eye. It blends really well.

The first one I got today was PINK! The name says it all, it is a very neutral shade of pink that I think will look great on my lips, cheeks or eyes.

The second one I got today was MOVIE STAR RED, with a name like that you know it is going to look great on the lips. It a deep red that is a little bit pink. I love how dark it goes on and how bold it can be.

Next up is VINTAGE ROSE. It is a great brownie pink that is more neutral than Pink but still pink and I think very wearable.

Lastly TICKLE ME PINK. This one is a more bold pink, brighter than Pink with less brown in it. Reminds me of my Heavenly lipstick by Rimmel.

Top row left to right:
Tickle me Pink, Vintage Rose and Pearl
Second Row:
Movie Star Red, Pink, and Black

Left to Right: Movie Star Red, Tickle Me Pink, Pink, Vintage Rose, Black and Pearl