Five on Friday (labour day edition)

By Tuesday, September 06, 2022 ,

1) I had the week off
I decided to do a 5 on Friday but on Monday, mainly because I had last week off. 
My week started off rocky, I had a doctors appointment that got cancelled due to my doctor getting covid. We did a phone appointment instead.  So this just meant for free time for me and let chill with Bradley in our hammock and a day with Mr Fox.

2) I went to Stratford 
Wednesday through Friday I went to Stratford with my aunt to see 5 plays and one talk. We had a great time.
First we saw The Miser. This is an modern update on a  Molière play. It had a fantastic cast (including Colm Feore) and was super funny. 

Later that night we saw Chicago. This was so amazing,  the costumes alone made it great but then all the singing and just was great all around. 

The next day we sat in on a talk about widows in Shakespeare that was surprisingly interesting. 

Then we saw Every Little Nookie which was an adventurous play about relationships, family.

Finally that night we saw Richard III, which I had heard great things about. This has a huge cast and also stars Colm Feore. It also has my friend Andre Sills in it, who was just fantastic. 

Finally on our last day we saw Death and a Kingsman's Horseman. This was a very interesting story about beliefs of one's own and other culters taking place in British-occupied Nigeria.

Other than great plays we got to see the town of Stratford and eat some yummy food, which is always great.
3) New beauty Products 
In beauty product good news I got a new Guerlain serum to try out from Influenster. I picked up my Sephora birthday gift, I chose the Tatcha set. I also finally picked up the Biore sunscreen I always wanted.

4) Dalle 2 Creations
I got accepted to use OpenAI Dalle 2 and had to use up my initial 40 creations, so I made these. I'm still shocked at how great they are. I am still not creating exactly what I want each time,  so I'm still working on that. 
5) Swim time!
I love my townhouse complexes pool. I went every day this summer that I could, sometimes twice. It closed on Labour Day so I'm super sad. But I got some last swims in and it was super warm dispite cloudy skies.