Perspirex Comfort Review

By Tuesday, August 30, 2022 , , ,

As I was packing for a few nights away in Strafford  I did not pack any deodorant or antiperspirant. I honestly didn't think twice about it. Why? Well, because I am using Perspirex Comfort and it lasts me 5 days (even with showering)! 

While I have talked about how much I love Perspirex Comfort on the blog before and on Instagram, it seems I have only given the classic version a full blog post. So today, I am correcting that. 

Perspirex is a brand of long lasting antiperspirants that last 3 - 5 days. They even work with bathing, which is why I really like it. I often forget to apply antiperspirants, which can get a bit smelly and frankly wet (I sweat a lot at work and in the summer). It really love it when I am swimming in the summer because I don't have to reapply after my showers, but also it stops me from sweating too much while actually swimming.

So in Canada there are three versions of Perspirex, Plus, Comfort and Men. They all work similarly tat they last for several days and stay working even with showering. Comfort is different because it is meant for sensitive skin, it is alcohol free and has ingredients to help hydrate the skin. 


  • only use every 3 to 5 day
  • works even if you shower or bathe
  • no fragrance
  • great for sensitive skin
  • alcohol free
  • expensive, but lasts 3 to 4 months because you only use it once and a while
  • cannot use it right after shaving, it will burn (it dose warn against this)
Overall: I love this stuff! I have buying it forever and will continue too. In the summer months it is a must have because I am showering more due to swimming and hate applying antiperspirants every time. I also find my self sweating a lot just existing the summer and this really helps me not develop sweaty and smelly pits, but also heat rash from the sweat. It is small but effective and the bottle will last me about 4 months. 

You can find Perspirex products at most drug stores in Canada and

Have you ever tried Perspirex? What do you think of the idea of a multi-day antiperspirant?

*product was sent for review purposes, I have no obligation to review. I have purchased this many times with my own money, so I truly love it.