Favourites of 2020

by - Saturday, January 09, 2021

Well, 2020 is over. That is a thing. I don't really know what to say about the year and I am sure you have  all heard it before and don't need me to drag on about it. With that I will present my favourite 5 for 2002.

Keep in mind I spent 2 months off work, then worked insane hours, had several breakdowns and just have not cared much about my appearances but more on my mental health.

Perspirex Comfort

Perspirex is one of those things I don't think of often but when I do all I have is love for it. I have used it for years and now they have a comfort version for those that are a bit more sensitive. I love that I can apply it and not worry about bathing or showing it off for a few days. I also love that in past years when I swam it wouldn't wear off either. And in the summer, I cannot state how great it is because lordy lordy so I sweat a lot in the summer and this stops and subsequently stops the smells.

Dr Teal's Relax & Relief /Eucalyptus & Spearmint

I love Dr Teal's (read previous posts on them here)! I buy their stuff all the time. 2020 has been a year of baths and me trying to control my anxiety. I went through about 5 bags of their bath salts, but right now I am using this mini one from a holiday set I picked up at the store. 

I also love a good bubble bath so I also am always picking up that. I am using the Relax & Relief which happens to be Eucalyptus and Spearmint formulated one form the same set. 

L'oreal 8 Second Miracle Water

I picked this up at the start of March before the first lockdown. I had long very damaged hair and I loved how well it smoothed and helped my hair feel softer and silkier. I stopped using it for a while because we were locked up and no one could see it. After my hair started to fall out  due to stress it really felt terrible so I started to use it again. I have to say it really did help what remaining hair was there. It feel smoother and softer.  It also does a fantastic job of combating frizz in humid weather.

Catrice Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

I wrote about these twice before and I have to say I adore them. These are the best concealers I have tried in a very long time. I can use just them alone or with foundation or BB cream. I pretty much love how they cover, are creamy and blend out. The beige tone of Porcelain is specifically amazing for my undereye circles.

Too Faced Shake Your Palm Palms Palette

It has been a while since I gave a mini palette from Too Faced a try. Well actually not true, the year before I tried the Hot Butter Rum one and loved it. When I picked this one up in the summer on sale I wasn't too sure if it would be great or no. I am just super happy with it. I love the shades, the finishes and looks I can create with it.  I really feel going forward I will probably be purchasing small palettes like this so that as trends and styles change I wont feel so bad about getting rid of large palettes or spending so much on them.

There you go, 2020... it was something.
Let me know what you loved last year!!!
*This post features perspirex and Catrice concealer that were sent for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own. All other products were purchased with my own money. This post also features affiliate links, I may make a commission off sales from the site.

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