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by - Sunday, January 24, 2021

Just before the holidays, I picked up Belif's Bestsellers On-The-Go Kit from Sephora. It was $30 and featured 5 best sellers from Belief. Since I have never tried the brand, but had been hearing a lot about it, I thought this was the perfect way for me to try out some of their most popular products.

What is inside the kit

- 30 mL/ 1.01 oz Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist
- 20 mL/ 068 oz Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner
- 10 mL/ 0.33 oz Hungarian Water Essence
- 5mL/ 0.17 oz Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream
- 10 mL/ 0.33 oz The Truth Cream Aqua Bomb
- A clear travel bag
I have been using the kit for the last few weeks pretty constantly and I thought I would give a little run down of how I feel about them.

All the products are meant for dry, normal, combination and oily skin types. Which seems pretty broad to me. 
A full size is $36 and 160 mL/ 5.4 oz
Foam cleansers aren't really my dry skins thing, so I was excited about this being both a creamy cleanser that still foams. It foamed up quite a bit, I didn't use much but could have used much less. My skin felt soft and supple after using it. It definitely didn't feel tight. Since every time I used it I was not wearing makeup I do not know how well it works in that department. What I do know is my 30ml is going to last me a very long time indeed. 
A full size is $37 and 200 mL/ 6.75 oz
I love Bergamot a whole ton, something about its smell is just fantastic to me. It is herbal but not over the top with the scent. This miniature has a firm bottle you can not squeeze and need to shake the product out of it. I usually aim for about 5 drops of it. It smells real nice and absorbs right away. I like how my skin feels when I use it, more hydrated and supple, but I am not using as much as I would like because of the tiny bottle. If I had a full size I would maybe do two layers of 7 drops.
A full size is $54 and 75 mL/ 2.53 oz
I like essences but still don't grasp how they are not toners at the same time.  What I do know is the more I layer items like this the better my skin behaves. This one seems behaves a bit like a watery serum. This one has a pump, I usually use two pumps on my face. Generally my skin likes this one too. It is pretty hydrating and feels nice on my skin.
Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream
They do not sell a full size of this at Sephora
This is a thick eye cream, I mean thick. Which is good I guess. You do not need a lot, so that is a good thing. I actually really like this one, I often find eye creams liquidy and runny and therefor don't absorb all the time into the eye area too fast. This one is thick so there isn't a lot of product going on and it just absorbs faster I find.
A full size is $50 and 50 mL/ 1.68 oz
The set actually lists this as The Truth Cream - Aqua Bomb, which is a different product, but the photo and what was actually in the kit was The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb 🤷. 
My skin is drryyyyyyy and always will be, my constant state of dehydration ads to this. Because of this I always need very rich creams. This one isn't too thick but it does a solid job of hydrating my skin. Because this is just a tiny travel jar I haven't been able to indulge in as much as I would like for fear of flying though it. That being said my skin always feel soft and sublet after using it.
After using the whole series of products for a few weeks I noticed a few thing. 

One this a is a great kit for a great price and I appreciate the value in that. I got to try out a whole line of their best sellers with limited investment.  So that is a big plus.

Two this set wouldn't last me too long. I feel this will last the average person about a week and a half. Since my skin is dry I want to use more of they toner, essence and bomb. Like a lot more, which actually brings us to our next point. 

Three, this is a great regular skin set, but my skin is dry and this was hydrating, but not hydrating enough for me. I think if I had full sized products it might not be as much of a concern because I could just apply more, but as it stands I need just a tad bit more hydration than this provides it.

Overall I really like the set and I am super glad I got it. I think it works well for me in the day time when I require less hydration, but at night it just isn't enough for me unless I boost it with an oil and a sleep mask. I will say as I wright this my skin feels nicely hydrated and plumped up, so maybe I am overreacting.  

I would definitely try more products from Belif, I think there is some good quality in their products, they don't irritate my skin and my skin is generally liking the products quite a bit. I would like to try their Hydration Always With You Set since it is meant for dryer skin.

Have you tried anything from Belif? What do you think of the brand?

*This post features products purchased by me with my own money.  

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