Mary Kay For Spring 2020

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*Post features PR samples.

Mary Kay has a bunch of new fantastic products that they just released for Spring 2020. I was lucky enough to be sent some samples to try out, so let's take a look at what is new for spring this year.

I love Mary Kay's Liquid Eyeliner Pen, it is, in fact, my go-to line for day to day wear. This new waterproof version replaces it.  Now, this initially bummed me out, just because I love it so much. But I learned quickly that this new one features the same pen tip that I love with a more waterproof formula.
It has a deep dark formula that is truly black. It also has a beautiful felt tip that is broad at the base and tapers to a perfect point. On man do I love the way this liner is made to hold up over and over again, it never gets worn out.

These new items come in a tiny tube with a tiny doe foot applicator. They all have a shimmer and metallic factor to them. You can apply them directly to the eye and blend out with a brush or finger or use a brush to apply them. Either way, they blend out quickly without drying down too fast.
• Pink Starlight - light pink gold shade
• Meteor Shower - taupe - grey shade
• Light Beam - light champaign shade
• Purple Nova - eggplant shade
Mary Kay's Gel Semi-Matte lipsticks have four new shades added to them with the spring launch.
I love this formula for being a semi-matte and thus being super smooth and not drying. You get the pigment and long-lasting factor without the dry factor.
• Blush Velvet - Rose Beige Nude
• Berry Famous - Berry Burgundy
• Trademark Pink - Blue-Pink
• Red Stiletto - True Red
I found all the shades to be classic and wearable. You like a good berry shade, then you'll love Berry Famous. You like a classic pink then Trademark Pink is for you. Blush Velvet is a great rosey nude that works for lots of skin tones without having a lot of white in it. Finally, Red Stilletto is just a great classic red shade that works for lots of skin tones.  I really compliment these additional shades to Mary Kay's Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick line, because they were missing them, but they also work so well with so many skin tones.

There are two limited edition bronzers for Spring 2020, Copper Glow and Gilded Glow. Both have a multidimensional look to them with swirls of two different shades in it.
Gilded Glow is the lighter of the two and works better for lighter skin tones while Copper Glow is darker with a kick of shimmer to them and would probably be best suited for those with deeper skin tones.
They blend out extremely easily and feel silky soft which is what I look for in a bronzer.

This is the palette seen in the photos unfilled. It is a limited edition for spring.
Its brown and gold pattern matches the bronzes perfectly but can fit blushes, bronzers and eyeshadows from Mary Kay's permanent line of Chromafusion palette products. I think if you like to collect palettes limited edition palettes then this one is a must. It has a large mirror to it and a hefty weight that gives it a nice quality I like in my palettes.

While not a new product, Mary Kay's Eye Primer is new to me. This primer comes in a tube and easily squeezes out. It is clear and I absolutely love that because it means everyone can use it no matter their skin type. It feels a bit more gel-like then cream but dries down nicely and helps keep my eye makeup going all day.

Timewise Microdermabrasion Plus Set has been around a while, but now it has a new look.

The set, when used together, helps exfoliate the skin and minimize the appearance of pores. I don't have large pores (I hope) so I haven't noticed a difference in that area, but I do love how smooth my skin feels after I use the Microdermabrasion Refine part and will continue to use the set just based on that alone. It is a really good exfoliator.
Limited edition for spring, this kit has a few summer essentials for you.  Lash Love Waterproof Mascara in black, SPF  Sunscreen and a round beach blanket.

Now you probably know I am all about sun protection, so SPF 50 sunscreen is a fantastic product that feels amazing for a lotion sunscreen.
The blanket is adorable, at 59 inches it is one of those round beach blanket/towels that features little mascaras wands all throughout it.
The mascara is a summer must because let's face it you don't want your mascara running at the beach.
So there you have it, some new limited edition and permanent items from Mary Kay for Spring 2020. I am really in love with the new liquid eyeshadows, they are so easy to use and make putting on eyeshadow a cinch when I am in a rush or a great base for powder eyeshadows. I also love the new lipsticks, they are great shades that work so well. I also love the beach blanket, it's huge and so practical for when I head out to my pool come the warmer weather.

You can order Mary Kay at or through your local Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.
*Products were sent for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own.