Live Clean Foaming Hand Wash

by - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Live Clean makes some pretty fantastic products, today I am going to look at their Foaming Hand Wash.

Live Clean already makes a great line of hand washes already, but these ones are different because they are self-foaming. Just one pump gives you a lush handful of foamy soap. All of the hand washes do an excellent job of cleansing my hands, while not stripping them of moisture. There isn't anything harsh in them that ends up drying them out, but they still work extremely well at getting my hands clean. Gentle and effective, it's a perfect combo.

Vanilla Bean & Coconut:
Vanilla is a classic scent that is pretty much universally pleasing, mixed with the warmth of coconut it makes for a darn nice hand wash scent. I brought this one into work so I could get some co-workers opinions on the soaps. They really liked the mellow and warm light scent and how well the wash worked. Since we have to wash our hands dozens of times in a day, it was really nice to use a wash that wasn't drying and was already foamy. Also, the one pump is all you need factor was great, we weren't overusing product anymore (which results in extra time rinsing and waisting soap).

Lemon Mint:
Lemon and mint are two of my favourite scents/foods/flavours. I grew up munching mint that grew in my childhood garden and still grow three different types every summer. Lemon, on the other hand, is just clean, fresh and bright and maybe one of my favourite fruits. This hand wash has both these favourites in one and it does it pretty darn well. Neither scent is overwhelming, but they are prominent enough that you can smell them, and they smell nice together. I hear a lot of people like this one in the kitchen, but I have been keeping it in our main washeroom and both Mr. Fox and I have been enjoying it quite a lot.

Neither scent is overwhelming, it is a light scent that smells nice while using it and lingers lightly after your hands are dry.

White Tea & Cherry:
Of all the scents, this one excited me the most. I love cherries and I love tea even more. This is a floral-sweet scent that works really well together. Light and clean, it really works as a hand wash. I put this one in our newly redone powder room so that guest can experience the clean floral-fruity scent when visiting

On top of all how well the hand washes work and how nice they smell, there are some other reasons to really like it.
  • Canadian Made - Live Clean is a great Canadian brand and I love it for that.
  • Plant Derived
  • SLS Free
  • Petrolatum Free
  • DEA Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Phosphate Free
  • Dye Free
  • Pure Vegan
  • Never Tested on Animals
  • Contains Biodegradable Ingredients - which means it is safe for septic tanks & camping
  • Dermatologist Tested
Overall I am extremely impressed with these hand washes. I am not usually a huge fan of foaming handwashes, I find they don't do the best job of cleaning and require many pumps to get a good amount of soap on my hands, which leads to waste. But Live Clean impresses me that I only need one pump and it is always the right amount. The scents are light and not overpowering, the formula is cleansing but not stripping. My hands are sore no matter how much I use it, and that is a good thing. Plus it never hurts that it is a Canadian brand that makes environmentally friendly products.
*Products were sent for review purposes; all views and opinions are my own.

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