Body Fantasies Soft Peony

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Spring and Summer are long gone and shorter darker days are upon us. No longer are my walks filled with the scents of flowers in bloom but of that crisp fall air. Having fall be here doesn't mean I still can't enjoy the fresh scent of one of my favourite summer flowers, Peonies.
During the summer I love the fragrance that the large Peony blossoms give off, so unique and powerful.  Body Fantasies has captured that unforgettable scent in their Soft Peony Body Spray. Mixing peony with melon, raspberry and a hint of musk it is a great blend for cheering yourself up on a dreary day. 

A light spray that doesn't overwhelm but just mists you in the scent will have you feeling like it is summer all over again (until you realize the sun has gone down at 4 pm).

I am a huge fan of body sprays because they are so versatile and not overwhelming. If I want more scent I just spray my whole body (plus my hair) and then my clothes. If I want less I just give a few sprites once I am dressed. I also love that if I spray it on my hair it can give it scent boost and make it instantly fresher. I find that this one needs so little to get a big impact, I just love it.

Body Fantasies Soft Peony Body Spray is available at Shoppers Drug Mart for $8.99.

How are you coping with the darker and colder weather?
*product was sent from pr for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.