Mary Kay Fall 2017 Colour Collection

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Mary Kay's fall collection has launched and features a bunch of really pretty product that will get you excited for the fall and all its pretty deep tones.

Mary Kay Eye Colour Palette - Simply Smoky $27.00 (Limited Edition)

Simply Smoky features 5 lovely deep blue smokey and grey toned shadows. With varying textures of satin, matte and pearl they really all work together to create a very nice palette. I found all the shadows to be great in texture and application, I just don't tend to wear blue tones.
I really like how the shades all work together to make a nice palette, it really is coordinated very well. There is definitely some good colour pay off with them too, my skin is just too darn dry to show that off here though. It also fits into a standard Mary Kay palette, so if you have one you can use it or order one. I personally enjoy the plastic holder it comes in because you can see what is inside without opening it up, but for travel their palettes are a great option.

Mary Kay® Eye Colour Palette - Rose Nude $27.00 (Limited Edition)

Rose Nude is another palette with five shades, this one features rich pinky-plumb shades. Rose Nudes is definitely my kind of palette, I just love rose and plumb shades in the fall. It also features a mix of satin, matte and pearl finishes.
The colours look really similar in the pan but swatch and wear very differently which is nice to see. I am going to be bringing this one on my up coming vacation because I feel I can create so many interesting looks with it. It also comes in a plastic container and you can order a palette if you like, I am leaving mine as is (even for travel).

Lip Suede - Mulberry Muse and Rose Blush $19.00 (limited edition)

Nothing Says fall like a deep lip colour. Available in both Mulberry Muse (a wine-plumb shade) and Rose Blush (rosy with a bit of mauve). Mary Kay's Lip Suedes are slim tubed lipsticks that are have a ticker satin finish that provide a long wear and nice feel on the lips.
While the formula claims to be transfer-resistant and lightweight, I find it slightly denser and only mildly transfer resistant. That being said I like the way the shades look and feel on my lips and think the formula suits the shades very well.

Nail Lacquer - Rose Blush, Pink Escape and Violet Silk - $10.00 (Limited Edition)

I am a big fan of Mary Kay's nail lacquers, not only do they come up with great colours with each limited edition but the formula is always spot on and amazing.

This fall features Pink Escape, a light off white pink, Rose Blush a dark mauve and Violet Silk, a deep violet shade this time around.
My favourite is Violet Silk, I love the way it looks on both my finger and toe nails and am currently sporting them as my pedicure shade.

Overall I love this collection, it screams fall in the best way possible for me. The focus on the Rose Blush in all three products is a nice touch, I feel I can easily create a full look with the products without any real effort on my part (always a nice thing). Like always I love the nail polishes, but the new lip suedes really impressed me this time around, they are the perfect easy fall lip. The shadows are both really pretty for fall as well. I feel all the Rose Nude products are coming with me on my upcoming vacation because they have won me over so well.

What are your favourite shades for fall?

*Products were sent for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.