Pixi by Petra back in Canada!

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One brand I was stoked about coming to Canada with Target back in 2013 was Pixi. When Target left Canada I stocked up on goodies and have been known to get my snow bird mother to bring back some goodies from time to time. While that's all been fine and dandy, but nothing beats being able to go to your local store and pick up a product you truly enjoy using.

Well, I am trilled to say that Pixi by Petra is back in Canada, this time at Shoppers Drug Marts across the country (so way more stores and better availability in more remote areas).  The brand has gone through a bit of a face lift since it was last here, and has some new exciting products too.

I was lucky enough to meet the fabulous Amanda Belle from the brand again (we met in 2013 at a pre-launch for the brand) at an event and learn about what is new and what they have brought with them to Canada this time around. I also got to bring a few goodies home with me, so let us take a look at what the brand has to offer.

Glow Tonic:
A cult classic, Glow Tonic is a toner that contains 5% Glycolic acid to help remove exfoliate dead skin daily to reveal glowing skin. I love this product for its mild daily exfoliating action that helps with cell turnover and is helping my skin become much smoother in texture. My sensitive skin isn't bothered by it at all, meaning I get to use it every night with no issues.
Nourishing Sleep Mask:
Apply 2 to 3 times a week at night after your skincare routine to help moisturize, protect and heal your skin during your sleep. Hyaluronic acid helps plump and hold in moisture, while fruit and flower oils soothe the skin. It helps seal in the moisturizers and skin products you use before it while being incredibly nourishing on its own. As someone who suffers from dry dehydrated skin I absolutely adore sleep masks including this one. I love the texture of it and how I wake up with plump and visibly hydrated skin in the morning. The best part is you don't need to slather it on, a quarter sized amount is enough to even help my dry skin out.

24K Eye Elixir:
Filled with collagen to help repair delicate eye tissue, peptides to plump fine lines, while the roller cools the area and increases circulation (you can even put it in the fridge to increase the cooling effect).  I haven't seen any drastic changes in my eye skin, but I do highly like the feeling and how refreshed my eyes are after I use it.

Rose Oil Blend:
Rosehip oil is a skin care savour, this blend is a miracle worker for me. Blended with oils like sweet almond , jojoba and pomegranate seed oil it has a ton of skin loving oils in it, not just rosehip oil. You can use it on its own or add it to other skincare products to boost their healing properties and hydration levels. I personally love using it both ways and this has quickly become a holy grail product for me, there is no way I will not be rebuying this.
Vitamin Wake Up Mist:
This spray toner can be used just about any time of the day, but the name suggests it is great in the AM. Filled with vitamins, orange blossom water and fruit extracts it helps wake up your skin while toning. You can use it before your moisturizing routine to tone, after makeup as a setting spray and whenever to refresh your skin. I am loving this this stuff because, well I love toning mists that are setting sprays.

Peel & Polish:
Containing both fruit acids (it has 5% lactic acid in it) and a physical exfoliants to help get your skin smooth. Applied to dry skin, you massage it around and get the physical exfoliants to scuff off flaky skin, then you leave it on for 5 minutes for the acids to do their work, 2 to 3 times a week. Together you get a really great finish to your skin that is super smooth. The great thing is you get to customize how much scrubbing you want to use with a product like this, just massage a bit for a light scrub or massage more for when your skin is acting up or in problem areas. Personally I really like it but wish there was a tad bit more scrub to cream ratio in the product, but then I remember that there is the acid so I don't need to go overboard with scrubbing anyways. I find it incredibly easy to rinse off and effective to use, definitely a rebuy for me.

Book Of Beauty, Contour Creator in Shape & Shade:
A book (it has a spine with its name on it) that contains 6 micro fine milled powders to help you define and shape your face. With three contour shades and three highlighters there is really quite the ability to contour your face nicely. While most contour sets contain a bunch of shimmers and shinny powders, this one only has one shade that is not matte, a highlighter.
The three contour shades make for a nice variety to them, while all being the same kind of tone to them. Being a pale gal I love that the light one works great on me for a day to day look, while the darker too work well for more dramatic looks or a true contour look.  The highlights vary, but none are quite as light as I really want them to be  unless I use the shimmery one on top. The shimmery highlight shade is nice but I wish it was less shimmery and glittery and more glowy like a Becca or The Balm highlighter, but that is just my preference.  Overall I like the variety of looks I can make with this set, the quality of the powders and the fact that 5/6 shades are matte.

Matteluster Lipstick in Rose:
A conditioning lipstick that has a full coverage finish and is demi-matte. Rose Naturelle just happens to be my perfect pinky-nude shade. Not too pink, not too nude, just right. There are 11 shades available, ranging from fuschia to red to nude, so there is a good chance there is a shade that is right for you. I love that it loaded with vitamins and hyaluronic acid to help nourish your lips and prevent them from drying out (a rarity for a matte lipstick), but most importantly I love this shade on me.

Endless Silky Eye Pen in BlackNoir:
Gel eyeliners are a must have for me. They glide on without tugging and can easily be applied to the water line. The Endless Silky Eye Pen is a waterproof, smudge-proof and applies really really easily. I've tested it out a few times now and had no issues with it in my waterline, no irritation at all, and lasted all day too. As for lining the top eye lid it managed to stay put pretty darn well without any smudging  and was really easy to tightline with. Now I always do manage to smudge my liner no matter what I use, that is because I always (ALWAYS) end up rubbing my eyes at some point forgetting I have product on (when will I learn?). I am giving it a 8.5/10 for staying put. There also happens to come in 18 shades.

Black Lacquer Lash Primer:
The name might just say it all, a black lash primer. Lash primers don't always do it for me, but black ones win me over every time. With a curved brush and a very wet texture this primer coats your lashes and gets them prepped for mascara in just a single swipe. I actually like to use it just as a mascara and it holds up incredibly well. As a primer it helps give my lashes more length and ommph, so I am definitely liking it.

Overall I am really impressed with the skin care from Pixi, I never tried it last time they were here (I actually don't remember seeing it) and I really am glad I have given it a try this time around. The Peel & Polish followed by Glow Tonic, Rosehip Oil and Sleep Mask all work to make my skin smooth, soft and hydrated which is what it really needs being so dry all the time. I want to try out some of the other oils but think the Rosehip Oil is going to remain a staple of my routine for a long time to come.
As for the makeup part of the line, I am really in love with my Rose Naturalle lipstick and the Endless Silky Eye Pen are products I am going to hunt down more off ( I still have CopperGlow liner from when I got it at Target and still use it regularly)
Have you tried anything from Pixi ? What do you think of them? Are you glad they are back in Canada?

*These products were sent to me for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.