Dr. Roebuck's Canadian Launch

By Friday, July 29, 2016 , , , , , , ,

Dr. Roebuck's is a brand that focuses on natural and effective skin care. It was started by Dr. Roebuck, an Australian doctor who's twin daughters suffered from eczema. 
Dr. Roebuck's medical background meant he knew the ingredients needed to treat the eczema and realized many store products had unnecessary fillers and chemicals in them, so he created his own recipe to help his daughters heal. Now those daughters, Kim and Zoe run the company, maintaining its natural and pure approach as well keeping all of their products being Australian made.
With minimal ingredients and maximum potency the brand focuses its products on their purpose and just the ingredients needed to get the job done. There are no fillers, no unnecessary ingredients thrown in for no reason, just pure ingredients that do what is needed to be done. All of this makes their products highly potent and effective. Their slogan "Minimal Ingredients. Maximum Results", kind of says it all.
At this event we got to hear from Kim and Zoe, learn about the line, see new and upcoming products, learn about skin healthy diets, get massages and watch some yoga. I got an amazing hand massage where I got to try out their Body and Hand Wash, as well as their Body and Hand Lotion. Both felt and smelled amazing. 
Some of their new offering are Natural Cleansing Wipes, Ultimate Hydrating Serum, Reverse Aging Serum and Face Day/Night Lotion. I'm super excited to have received a few of these products to try out. I will have a review ready in a month or so of trying them out, but lets just say Natural Cleansing Wipes are going to be my new best friend.
You can currently find Dr. Roebuck's line of products at Shoppers Drug Mart and Beauty Boutiques across Canada.

Have you tried anything from Dr. Roebuck's before? What do you think of their products?