Bier Markt Oktoberfest 2015

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Last week I went to the launch of the Bier Markt's Oktoberfest Menu which runs until October 4th.

My husband used to work in a German restaurant and I am half German in ancestry (my grandparents speak and write German), so it is natural that we love German food. Oktoberfest is one of the few times of the year we really get to go all out and enjoy it in a joyous fashion.

Last year we went to Kitchener for their famous fest and had a great time, since we couldn't go this year we were so happy to go to the Bier Markt for their celebrations.

First off we had some yummy yummy Bavarian Pretzels. So soft and salty, I want more right now. It is served with a homemade mustard that I really liked (I like vinegary mustard).
 Next we had a Currywurst Poutine. I have heard so much about currywurst over the years but never had it. Traditionally it is a knackwurst served with a warmed up ketchup with curry in it next to potatoes so the idea of making poutine out of it sounded perfect and it pretty much was.
I was completely blown away with the ketchup. I don't really love ketchup from stores, but this homemade sauce with its curry was just so tasty.
 I was officially full but the husband wanted more and got the Chicken schnitzel and subbed out the sauteed green beans for the sauteed red cabbage (he loves cabbage). When it showed up I was in shock it was a massive plate and enough schnitzel to feed at least two. I ended up eating about 1/3 of it since the hubby got full.
Everything about this dish was perfect, I mean lingonberry jam with schnitzel, yum yum.
Finally I decided after a sampling of the Paulander's Oktoberfest beer that I should get a pint, but I somehow got talked into a stein, which was too heavy to hold with just one of my hands.

This is now my favourite beer, and I hope to get lots more while the season is on.
the hubby with the beer I thought was just too big for me.
I already have plans to go to the Don Mills location with a friend and the hubby has already gone back twice for a pint and pretzel since he works near the Esplanade location.
To make the season even more festive, every on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights during the festival there will be live Oompah Oompah bands playing. I found the one at the Esplanade very entertaining, I'm sure my grandfather would have loved it.

I highly recommend if you love a good beer and some German food to check out a Bier Markt near you for some Oktoberfest festivities before the 4th and it all ends. Check out the full menu at

*I was not paid or compensated for this post, just invited to an event where I got to sample a some of the menu items, all other items were paid for by myself.