Perspirex Roll-on Antiperspirant Review

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Perspirex is different. It's perfume-free and non-staining formulation is clinically proven to provide effective protection from sweat and odour. One application works up to 3 days. Perspirex roll-on uses a patented formulation that minimizes irritation commonly associated with other aluminum chloride based antiperspirants making it suitable for delicate underarm skin. For optimum effectiveness it is essential that you apply Perspirex just before going to bed and to completely dry, unbroken skin. You can shower as usual in the morning but do not reapply. Maintain sweat and odour control by applying Perspirex 2-3 nights per week or as often as needed.

Reviewing a antiperspirant isn't something I normally do. In fact I actually have been known to skip a day or two of it.

Now you think I'm crazy don't you? Well let me explain a bit.

I don't tend to sweat. I really don't. As a result I don't really shower or bathe everyday either (sometimes I do, some times I don't, it just depends). So once my antiperspirant is on after my shower or bath it can last a few days on me without issue. The real issue starts when I do have a bath or shower and totally forget to put it on, simply because it is no longer routine (this happens more often than I would like to admit). Then I get smelly and depending on the weather, if I go to gym or not and if I work, it can get bad.

When the hubby saw me reading a review for Perspirex a three day antiperspirant over at Canadian Fashinista's (aka Amber) page he chimed in and said "if you used that you wouldn't need to really it for a month".  This amused him so much. He reconfirmed with me that I just don't smell, unless I forget my deodorant all together. Which in the end was my real problem, I just don't remember to apply it.
So, I started looking into Perspirex a bit more. It turns out to work for 3 days on most people and up to 5 on others. Guess what? For me 7, even with showering and bathing. It's true.
I just apply it after I bathe on dry unbroken skin and it works for days, even if you shower.

Review time

  • Works really really well for multiple days
  • No scent
  • I don't sweat and therefor don't smell
  • I don't have to remember to apply it for up to 5 day (7 for me but everyone is different)
  • You don't need much
  • You can bathe and shower and it still works
  • They sell it everywhere with the regular deodorant/antipersparants
  • it is a tiny bottle (but you only need evert 3-5 days so you use much less)
  • it is pricy ($19.99 srp)
  • Roll ons can feel different if you're not used to them
Don't let the tiny bottle and big price scare you away. You need it so infrequently it will last a long time. Plus, unlike traditional deodorants or antiperspirants that have scent you won't be applying it in excess just to get a scent and hope to cover things up during the just need a bit and it will work for days, which makes it last a really long time and worth the extra money.

I love that I can shower with it and it still works, this might be its greatest feature. This is great for travellers or gym goers who usually touch up during the day. 

I personally have started to sweat during the night or on long car rides, but not since I started using Perspirex. I don't worry when I wake up about having to run to take a shower first thing in the morning (I am seriously a night time bath person, it is what I enjoy).

This is a definite re-buy for me!

Want to learn more about how it works? Check out FarleyCo's page on Perspirex 

Have you tried Perspirex before? What do you think of it or an antiperspirant that lasts for days and even through showering?

*I received this product for consideration, it does not influence my views on them.