FOTD One Brand Look: Annabelle

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Summer is wrapping up, but while it is still here I thought I would do a light makeup look with some pink and purple in it. If that wasn't enough, I'm only going to use one brand, one of the best, Annabelle to create it.
What I used:

Foundation: Skin True in Natural Ivory
Powder: CC Colour Control Pressed Powder in Light/Medium*
Bronzer: Biggy Bronzer in Carabean Sun ( limited edition but the Zebra Bronzer is almost the exact same and just as big, plus it was recently voted the best bronzer in Canada under $21 by Elle Canada)*
Blush: Hazel 
Eyeshadow: Quad Eyeshadow in Pink-A-Boo
Eyeliner: Kohl in Grapejuice
Waterline Liner: Smoothie in Grapefull*
Top Lash Mascara: Expandable*
Bottom Lash Mascara: InstaGlam in Psychedelic (purple mascara, woot woot)
Lipstick: TwistUp in Fuchsianista
Eyebrows: InstaGlam Brow Design + Fix in Medium/Dark
 What I did:
I put on a base of the Skin True foundation and while it settled into my skin a bit I applied the eyeshadow quad.

I put the lightest shade in my inner corners and below my brow bone. I followed with the next lightest shade all over my eye lid area . In my outer V area and my crease I ran a bit of the next shade along it and blended it out (this is the left bottom shade). I then lined my upper and lower eyelids with Grapejuice kohl liner and then smudged some of the darkest shade over that for a softened effect. I followed with some more of the second shade along my lower lash line.

I used the Smoothie fat pencil in Grapeful in my lower waterline for a bigger pop of purple.

Finally I used the brow marker and gel on my brows, Expandable mascara on my top lashes and Psychedelic  (purple ) mascara on my bottom lashes.

I powdered met face all over with the CC powder, then bronzed and blushed. Then applied the Fuchsianista TwistUp.
I truly love Annabelle,  way back in the summer of 1994, I was first allowed to wear  makeup, I often chose Annabelle liners for my lips and my eyes. I've been pretty darn loyal for the last 20 years and I have to say the brand keeps on impressing me. I am really in love with the Skin True foundation, it is so light but not greasy, gives me just enough coverage (and I didn't even use a concealer).

I love their new Quads, Chai Chai Chai might be my favourite but that doesn't mean I don't adore this Pink-a-boo quad. It is just so blendable and the looks you can create with it are just so fun. The bright pink really makes it  a bold look. 

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*Denotes this product was sent to me for consideration. All views are my own and honest.