September and October Empties

by - Friday, October 18, 2013

I never really got around to last months empties, since this is the second time in a row I've done it I might start to do my empties every other month....or maybe not...we will soon find out.
Cotton Pads: I got these at dollarama for a dollar. They were really quite good, all I ever used them for was nail polish removal. Would I buy it again? Yes, they are cheap and easy to find.
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque: This deep conditioner worked really well. Would I buy it again? If I found it on sale or Winners I would buy it again.
L'oreal EverPure Moisture Conditoner: I got this on sale at my Shoppers Drug Mart and used it at least once a week. I found it worked really well and I love the Rosemary Mint scent. Would I buy it again? Yes, in fact I've got another tube on the go right now.
Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment: I got this small bottle in a GlossyBox much earlier in the year. I found it worked better then Moroccan oil does, plus I like the scent. Would I buy it again? No, I found it and Moroccan oil are mainly silicone and not worth the exorbitant prices. I am for the time being sticking with drug store Oils (mainly L'oreal) mixed with pure argan oil from Be Better (Rexall).
L'oreal Professional Expert Vitamino Colour Masque: A friend gave this to me because she hated it. I liked it a lot but don't generally like masques in a tub, they get water and hair in them. Would I buy it again? No, I found other hair masks just as good and much cheaper.
Salon Grafix Dry Conditioner: I got this to try when I saw it next to a dry shampoo (that I also bought). I like that you can apply it wet or dry. I found it didn't add much moisture to my hair but is a great dry shampoo alternative. Would I buy it again? Yes! I like it enough to get more, but I found it was hard to find in stores.
Various lip glosses: after doing my Lipstick Tag on youtube I decided to do a bit of purge. I am tossing all my Balmshell lip glosses. While I adore them, the company went out of business a while back and I realized I have had them for quite some time and they needed to be tossed.
I am also tossing a Hard Candy gloss, it has very little colour to it and it I wasn't using it.
The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel:  I used this one up quick. I forgot how much I love this scent. Would I buy it again? YES!!!! I have to go though my stock pile a bit before I buy any more body wash, but this will always be a must buy for me.
Avon Smooth Mineral Liquid Foundation: I got this when it first launched. It matched my skin very well and was a great foundation since it was mineral. I wish this came in a pump rather than a tube. Would I buy it again? Maybe. I have to use quite a few of my other foundations up first.
Dermaglow Eye Roller I got this sooooo long ago. Would I buy it again? No. I just never use eye rollers, it isn't them, it is me.
 Pari Skin Perfecting Veil Primer: I got this about two years ago. I liked it quite a bit, it is a typical silicone primer but with good for your skin properties. Would I buy it again? Maybe, it works quite well as a primer but is a bit pricy.
Villainess Soaps Dulces En Fuego Smooch: I got this from a friend. It is an amazing body scrub that warms when you use it. It smells amazing too. Would I buy it again?  Yes. I liked it a lot, when I am in need of some more scrubs I will be buying this or another Smooch scrub.
Bath and Body Works Leaves Candle: so old that it is still in plastic (which you can see why they stopped making it by the super dangerous melted spot on it. Would I buy it again?  Yes. I like the Leaves smell, but I don't think I'll need any candles any time soon.
Bath and Body Works Home Fragrance Oil in Cinnamon: I got this at the outlet about two years ago. I liked it and it worked well to make the apartment smell great. Would I buy it again? No. I doubt they still make it and I doubt I will ever pay $1 for it again.
Vitabath Bath and Shower Gelee for Dry Skin: I got this again in a Glossybox last xmas. I like it, it makes big bubbles and smells fantastic. It also didn't dry out my skin at all. Would I buy it again? YES! It is a cult favourite for a reason. I might try some other scents, but I really do like it.

There we go, what I tossed!

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