April 2013 Glosybox

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April's Glossybox theme was...."WORK THAT BEAUTY" and some how that means a work suitable box ? I guess. I just don' t know, I feel they just give these boxes names and they don't mean anything (ex. global beauty  and being filled with burt's bees and nivea).

So in addition to this being "Work that Beauty" themed, Silhouette Greek yogurt curated it and Olympic athlete Tracy Little is the boxes "face" (although we do not see her face). 
the info card
Anyhow, here is what was in the box:
the product card (note glossybox let us know there was an error in the size of the Boscia, it is 15 ml)
the box
First up is some coupons. We got a Silhouette Greek yogurt coupon for a free 4 pack or a tub. 
 We then got two sets of coupons for Schick Hydro Silk razor refills and disposables ($12 in total).
We also got a Pop Beauty Eyeliner. Mine is a Cat Eyes Liner in Blazing Blue (a cobalt shade) it is full sized and valued at $16.00.
Hartland Fragrances Epsom Salts. These are scented salts that a full 30 oz bag retails for $10.10. I have no clue how big this bag is so I cannot determine its value. What it does say is this is a single use size, so I will be getting one really nice bath.
 Next up is Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush. This is a full size lip product valued at $18.70. This is a bright red and mine is broken (the product is bouncing around in the tube).
Boscia Recharging Night Lotion is also a full sized? product at  15ml (there was an error on the card glossy's site says this 15 ml is worth $13) with a $44.00 value. 
 Lastly we got a Schick Hydro Silk Razor valued at $10.99. 
So there it is the box. Loads of value for the box this month, over $58 plus the coupons. Personally I cannot use a cobalt liner to work, that is crazy talk. I am sad my lipstick is broken. I cannot wait to have a relaxing bath.