January Empties

By Tuesday, January 15, 2013 , , , , , ,

I've finally gotten around to taking pics and tossing what feels like a ton of items from my stash.

Some are just old, some dried out, some I hate and some are actually empties (gasp).

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Scrub: I love this stuff and I got it last year in the Body Shop's post holiday sale. Would I buy it again?Yes, I love this stuff, I have a large tub in my back up stash.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Wash: I love The Body Shop's washes too! Would I buy it again? Yes, but first I must go though my stash, wait I have one in there...woo.

Sebastian Trilliance Conditioner: I got this in my October GlossyBox. Would I buy it again? Maybe, I liked it a lot and it really left my hair feeling nice. Maybe once I finish the conditioners I have hanging around.

L'oreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner: I love this stuff...as you may have notice I'm always using something from the line up. Would I buy it again? Yes! I love it so much.
 Lip sticks and glosses:
 So, well these are old, or I hate them. One or the other really.
The first two above are Revlon ones that are old and kinda dried up, I loved them once and even used one up, but it is just time to say goodbye.

The next down is Hard Candy, I never liked the smell of this one, sweet and like medicine, ick.
Then it is an Avon gloss, I never loved it at all, the sparkles are just too chunky.
Then it is a Cherry Coke gloss from Lipsmakers. I got this for the scent really, but since it did nothing but dry out my lips I decided to toss it.
Lastly it is a NYX lip pencil that I hate...the shade looks awful.
 Here is a Liz Claiborne palette with eyes and lips in it...which I got so long ago and never used...time to toss.
After that it is all ELF glosses, one mineral and the rest the regular line. They were great once because they squeezed out, but I never wore them.
Lastly here is a mixture of things.
Cargo concealer, I loved but is so old and used up it has to go, I loved it and will definitely buy again.
NYX trio that streaked and I hated, will not rebuy.
There are two gift with purchase Estee Lauder shadow duos, as you can see I did hit the pan on 3 of the shades. They are really old and it is time to just let them go.

Cargo One Base: a great eye primer, love it. Would I buy it again?  Yes, it is a great eye primer.

Sephora Cheek Stain in Rose Pink: I never liked this stick, it always sweated whenever I opened it, what is that about ? Would I buy it again? No, ick.

Joe Fresh Cream Eyeshadow in Sugar: This was great Champaign pink shade, but it dried out on me. Would I buy it again? no, I've got enough cream shadows

Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner: I got this as a gift a long time ago, I've finally finished it off. Would I buy it again? No, it never retracted and that was kind of annoying.