L'oreal 2013 Product Launch Party

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L'oreal really did it this time, they spoiled us here in Toronto, big time. At the Trump Hotel in downtown Toronto they held a big holiday bash featuring 80 new items to be launched in the new year. What could be better?
Open bar, check.
Lots of makeup, check.
Hey what is that? Is that....
Yep a Chocolate bar, with takeout containers and a chocolate Louboutin shoe.
Simply amazing, I must say. I mean when you think what would make women happy they had it covered.

On to the party. Lots and lots of my fellow Toronto Beauty Bloggers (TOBB) were there, which always makes for a great time. As well many reps from L'oreal were there to educate us on the new products and to make sure we were having  a good time.

One of the most exciting items of the night were the new Colour Riche Caresse Shine Stain Lipcolours. A stain, a gloss, moisturizing...love. Great packaging too. The best part is in January they will be 12 different shades available.
 The Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quads look fantastic in their art deco packing. The range of shades and variety of combinations in these shadows is just spectacular. I cannot wait to give them a try. The worst part is there is going to be 20 quads to choose from and frankly I don't think I should be held responsible for the bill I'm going to rack up.
Just loook at those colours. See the purple and orange one in the back...ohhh ahhh. 
 Telescopic Shocking Mascara will be out in January as well. Boastin g5 new shades, two being waterproof, so this will be at the top of my list then
 Visible Lift Contour Blush promises a healthy and youthful flush by recreating volume and brining the cheek bones back to foucus. Excited to get my hands on some come January.
 This one is already available and FREE. The Color Genius app...if you have an iphone or itouch go download it and start having fun now. I hope to talk about it more soon.
 In skin care there is just too much to talk about to be honest. The new Ideal Skincare lines focus on 38 hours worth of moisture in the lotions while featuring full spectrum spf protection. The Ideal clean wipes and cleansers help wash away toxins and the day while keeping the skin radiant and healthy.  The complete line will be out in February.

 Age Perfect BB Cream delivers and instant glow to perfect the skins appearance and is ideal for mature skin. Also available in February.
Revitalifit Miracle Blur is a fantastic new product that will show you instantly how much it can help with your skin and the appearance of wrinkles. It can be used alone or as a primer.
Men Expert Vitalift is a serum that addressed mens unique issues with hydration and skin care.
Both will be on shelfs in January.
 The hair care line has so much to offer in the new year too.
 Power Moisture provides the hair with instant moisture to leave hair deeply hydrated, soft and shiny. There is shampoo, conditioner and a mask. I am big fan of the Total Repair 5 Line and was told that while tr5 repairs damaged hair this is more for that dry and crapy hair we tend to get in our Canadian winters. I feel the mask will make its way into my weekly routine when it is launched mid February.
 Healthy Look Crme Colours will be out in 28 shades come February with a while new formula.
 Elnett Statin Heat Sprays bring the legendary Elnet  hold and super fine mist to a non-aerosol formulation that also protects the hair from heat. These babies will be on the shelves later this month, so keep your eyes open for them.
 Thanks to everyone at Cowan and Co and L'oreal for such an amazing night.

Now I will leave you with more gratuitous chocolate pics....