Anticipation. ...waiting for my order

By Wednesday, October 10, 2012 ,

On the 24th of September I placed a Sephora order, I still haven't received it.

It seems to have gotten lost along the way at a Canada Post warehouse. Pretty much I had to

call various people 3+ times before anything was done. To make matters worse Sephora kept on saying "we'll call you" and never have. I'd wanted a response so....I filed a complaint. That got me answers. Pretty much it might take until the 23rd of October to sort it all out (and if they lost it I will be fuming).

So until the people at Canada Post actually try to find it in their warehouse next to the Arc of the Covenant, I wait.

UPDATE: While my tracking still says "Processed at facility" and has gone no where since. It turns out that it is at my local post office and has been there since the 3rd. Why? I don't know. Why didn't I get a first notice? I don't know. What I do know is I got a final notice yesterday and when I used that slips tracking it shows it everything past the warehouse, as though it is a different package. Sadly Canada Post and Sephora are still looking for the package...and that just makes the mess more confusing. Pretty much my postie sucks. I never get first notices, never ever, even when they are important, like our passports. I discussed it with my hubby, we are filing an official complaint on him.
Here in the mean time is what I ordered....
sephora +pantone eye liner in tangerine tango. It was $4 so i thought I would try it.
Sephora prisms shadows. I got two that were $3
Sephora pencil bag. On sale for $2. I got two.
Tarte amazonian clay blush set. Oh how I want these already.
Tarte Carried Away Collectors Set. $70 but loaded with goodies. A Ld exclusive blush and 24 shadows.
So yep, I'm waiting. Open box for sure when I get it.