What's Behind My Bathroom Door? before and after

By Sunday, September 30, 2012 , , ,

I keep all my hair products in a shoe rack, nailed to the wall, behind the door of our washroom.
Until recently that is.

I realized that it was ugly, annoying and just full of crap. I went to  Ikea and picked up a Notudden for $9.99. Not only is it smaller, it is meant for the washroom. It also has a hanger on it so I no longer need to nail it right to the wall and can move it when ever I please.
While not the prettiest thing when stuffed, it is a lot better looking, smaller and as I said movable. 
I has 3 rows of 2 pockets and 2 rows or 1 pocket, meaning I can put some larger items in it too.

So what's in my hair organizer?

Bottom Row:
In this bottom bin I tossed some smaller items and odd shaped things so that I could easily see them and keep track of them.
  • Sample size of Moroccan Oil Styling Cream
  • Mark Salon Straight No Iron Fluid
  • Kerastase Elkasto-Curl
  • Mark Double Duo Styling Wax and Balm
  • Got2Be Powder'ful volumizing styling powder
2nd To Bottom Row:
In this other larger bin I put all my brushes and combs, as well as a Mac tartan tin filled with headbands, elastics and various clips. Interesting side note, that wooden brush I got in the early 90's at The Body Shop and it is the still the best brush ever!!

Middle row:
In this rows bins I keep sprays.
In the left bin I have:
  • L'oreal Elnett in a  travel size
  • ISO Daily Spray Wax (not shown)
  • Aveda Phomollient 
In the right bin I have:
  • Salon Graphix Invisible Dry Spray Conditioner
  • Salon Graphix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo
2nd Row From The Top:
In this row I keep hair protecting type products:
On the left:
  • L'oreal Studio Silk & Gloss Hot STraight Style Protector
  • Avon Naturals Kids Apple Hair Detangler
on the right:
  • Moroccan Oil Travel Size
  • L'oreal PRecious Oils For Colour Treated Hair
  • Avon Advanced Techniques Moisture Sleek Serum
Top Row:

Here I keep my styling products that protect the hair (and a hair spray because it fits better up there, it is tall).
  • Mark Curl Commander Gel
  • Mark Give it to me Straight Smoothing Lotion
  • Mark Locks it in Place Buildable Hair Spray
  • Mark Advance Techniques Super Straight Balm
Overall I am very happy with this inexpensive upgrade and decluttering.Now I know where things are and it is a little neater. Plus if we have house guests I can always just put it in the closet.