itchy!!! How to make a great oatmeal bath

By Tuesday, August 28, 2012 , , , ,

Warning, you might start to scratch while reading this....but there really is a great tip at the end.

Apparently just like the phenomenon associated with yawning (I yawn, you yawn, the cat yawns, we all yawn, great chain reaction), there is one for scratching (just thinking about an itch will make you itch) as you read this you might itch a bit...sorry.

I've been know to break out in hives when I go out in the sun, yes even with sunscreen. I just try to stay covered and in shade but things like to get exposed in the nice weather and BAM...HIVES...a RASH. Ick.

So right there you know my skin and body is hyper sensitive.

Well, I learned take a Benadryl and it stops the hives and I feel better.

Yesterday though at work, itch, Itch, ITCH. WTF?

I have having a full blown reaction to something! Did my everything  bagel have hemp hearts on it or something (i'm allergic to hemp)? Did I put a lotion on with hemp or latex (yep latex too, told you I was sensitive). clue.

I took a Benadryl and got sleepy. Great sleepy and itchy now that is a great Monday morning I tell you.

36 hours later I cannot stop itching! Really. Every inch of my skin is constantly itchy. Really.

So here is the real part of this blog.

I tried to make an oatmeal bath and wrapped some oatmeal in cheesecloth. As the oatmeal swelled it oozed out and made a mess.
Today, as the itching continued, I went to my drug store and looked for Aveeno anti itch lotion, I could not find it. What I did find was their oatmeal bath packets. 8 bath packs for $14.99. Wow that is pricy, but it must have great stuff in it. Nope just fine ground oatmeal. Well that isn't worth $14.99 (itch, itch, itch).
8 packs for $14.99 at my drug store
So what did I do?

I used my coffee grinder to ground up my oatmeal.
hey that's my coffee grinder
It dissolved and made an amazing bath.

I feel no better, but at least I am not out $14.99 plus tax and my skin is probably a bit better for it.

So anyone wanting a cheap oatmeal bath that is mess free, grind your oatmeal!

Now if you'll excuse me...I have find out what is causing this itching.