Summer 2012: The Body Shop

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Keeping true to The Body Shop's roots in natural and cruelty-free makeup, the store has launched a limited edition line in calibration with Lily Cole simply called "Lily Cole Cruelty-Free Make-up". 
The Body Shop's fist ever global ambassador, Lily cole, picked out the products and shades herself to create the line. They are 100% vegetarian products have not been tested on animals. 
Shimmer Cube Palette in 24
The first product I noticed in store and actually snatched up for myself was the new Shimmer Cube. In pink and purple shades this shimmer cube (#24 btw) is just stunning. Knowing it was limited edition just made me buy it right away. Not because it was LE, but because I loved the shades and would be upset if I missed out on them.  Shimmer Cubes are massive at 3.5g per colour  (thats 14g of product here people) and at $22 I actually think it is a great deal. I will never make it through one of these, that is a fact. The shades are Think Pink, Live Lilac, Go Violet and Tint it Pink. Look for swatches below!!!!

Lip & Cheek Dome
 Available in Pinch Me Pink and Crazy For Coral these 10 ml cream-to-powder cheek and lip products are quite amazing to try out. You press them up and glide them on. They sell for $15 and I must say the coral is very very pretty.

Radiance Primer
This one is a real question mark for me. I debate going back and getting it. There are pearls suspended in a gel that when pumped out get crushed. It comes out quite ugly in fact and not too smooth, but once blended together it make for a gorgeous shimmery primer. Nothing too shimmer, but more pearly. Made with mica it just looks fabulous on the skin. It is $22 for a 30ml bottle.

Puff on Radiance
Just like the existing The Body Shop's Brush of Radiance and Brush of Beads, this is a product made up of loose pearls of product. Although I liked them I really hated the packaging. I realize the puff and pink plastic make it look uber cute, the flimsiness makes it look difficult to work with. I love the little poof and the shade that inside. $22 for 25g of pink pearls and a cute little poof.

There are also little lip glosses for $5,a purple liquid eyeliner, a mirror and a travel makeup bag. There is even a gift set for $45 that has the shimmer bricks as well as the liner and gloss. All are really sweet and if you are a fan of them a definite buy, after all they are limited edition.

Other New and Note Worthy Products:
Body Mists
$12 for 100ml these make for a nice light way to make  your favourite Body Shop scent linger. I love that these smell so light and fresh, very summery. They are in sleek glass bottles and go well with the body washes, lotions, butters, scrubs and oils already in the market. 
Beautifying Oils
I already reviewed these here, but I love them and they are pretty darn new. I love the scents and am actually loving them more than my body butters right now in the summer. $14 for 100ml

Now Shimmer Cube 24 pics!!!
in the bottom half of the package
See how each one has its own plastic container. Neat.