Summer 2012: Annabelle

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Annabelle is launching some pretty neat products this season. Here are just a few things you can find in stores this July. They also announced their new spokes person Marie-Mai.

Want to see swatches??? At the bottom!

Perfect Bronze"The mineral-besed formula contains silk powder for a velvety-soft feel and is enriched with moisturizing ingredient to provide long-lasting comfort. SPecial pigments blend evenly into the skin"
While bronzer is definitely not my thing (so pale, I am just clueless at it) this stuff feels amazing and blends very well. Avalible in two shades, Sun Kissed and Sun Goddess they are definitely worth checking out for the SRP of $7.95

EyeShadow Singles
They may not a new product, there will be six new shades out this July. creamy, rich and high in pigmentation, they are definitely worth checking out. I want new pink one.
Oh did I mention the SRP is $5.95, that is a great deal!

"Water based formula that transforms any powder eyeshadow into creamy liquid shadow"
This bottle 100% looks like a high end brands HD elixir, yearn you know who's. I am tempted to try this out just because it looks so pretty. I am very interested in it because I love anything that makes powders into liquids. SRP $8.50.

TwistUp Lip Colours

An automatic lip pencil, how convenient. Glossy and full of colour, perfect for summer. These babies can be popped into any purse because no sharpener is required.
Available in 12 shades. I really want Royal, the pretty purple on Marie-Mai's lips in the above ad. SRP $9.95.
The BB Line
Annabelle has jumped on the BB bandwagon with a full line of innovative BB products.
With four items in the line there is something to suite everyone.
The BB Cream Multi-Action Beauty Balm SPF 15, the BB Compact Makeup, the BB Skin Perfect Concealer, and the BB Skin Retouch Crayon.
BB Skin Perfect Corrector
"This secret weapon camouflages imperfections and leaves the skin looking stunningly radiant, thanks to its Soft Focus light-diffusing pigments."
This pencil makes touch ups a breeze, as well as an amazing concealer. I was highly impressed with its silky feel and blendablity. On my must pick up list. SRP $12.95.

BB Cream Multi-Action Beauty Balm SPF 15
"This all-in-one miracle solution is much more natural for the skin than a foundation. It constitutes a novel fusion of makeup and skin care that perfects, brightens, primes, hydrates and protects the skin. In addition to concealing imperfections and signs of fatigue with its Soft Focus microspheres, this balm tones and firms the epidermis, helps absorb excess sebum and controls shine."
I am huge fan of the Marcelle BB so to try out Annabelle's been very exciting. It feels a bit more like a tinted moisturizer than the Marcelle version does, but it blends out amazingly. I really have been loving the texture of this one. SRP $15.95. *Please note the SPF 15 is UVB only (no UVA protection provided)

BB Skin Retouch Crayon
"This double-ended crayon instantly erases fine lines and signs of fatigue, and leaves the skin visibly refreshed and even. It is suffused with hydrating, calming and soothing ingredients that all act to revitalize the skin. An essential for the morning-after! "
The line filler side is actually quite neat. Weather or not it fills my lines still has to be determined, but I love hove it changes the feel of the skin to a soft feeling, making anything that goes above it blend extremely smoothly. I feel if it helps concealer go on better than right there it should help with the look of wrinkles. The concealer end is so smooth and blend-able. SRP $12.95.

BB Compact Makeup
"This lightweight, satiny powder foundation glides over the skin to assure a radiant skin tone and flawless finish, day after day. Furnished with a double-sided sponge, the BB Compact Makeup allows you to vary the coverage from light to moderate, depending on the occasion."
The sponge on this product blew me away. One side for full coverage the other for touch ups or light powdering, WOW! I have yet to try this on my skin but loved how it felt at the unveiling a few weeks back and must buy when it becomes available. SRP $15.95.

Swatches and Product Pictures

BB Cream and BB Skin Retouch Crayon
Left is Marcelle's BB with SPF and Right is Annabelle's BB
see how the Annabelle version is a bit more runny.
Marcelle left & Annabelle right 
Blended out. Both have amazing coverage for a BB.
 TwistUp in Absolute
Absolute on skin
Again on skin
Eyeshadow in Goddess and Bronzer in Sun Goddess
Goddess Shadow Packaging
Bronzer in Sun Goddess 
Sun Goddess bronzer left
Goddess eyeshadow right
Sun Goddess bronzer left
Goddess eyeshadow right

I hope you liked the mini reviews and product info.