Annabelle and Marcelle Beauty Unveiling

by - Monday, June 18, 2012

Last week Annabelle and Marcelle Cosmetics hosting their Beauty Unveiling to show off their fall 2012 innovations.
The Toronto Beauty Blogger Gang
Packed with fellow bloggers and other media type, this event did not disappoint. Yummy apps, open bar and dj.

Getting to see, try out and learn about all the new products was exciting.

The Gene Youth line was released earlier this year, but the new addition, a serum is just amazing.
It is time released with a pre measured dropper. It starts out as a cream and dissolves on the skin. Oh I cannot wait to try it out
The New Age line has two patents and looks amazing. For firmer and younger skin.

Annabelle's new in-store display. I absolutely love it! You can see everything right and everything has a place.

Some of the new items in the display are the BB products (more on that below), the TwistUps(more below), new eyeshadows, itransformer and a space for new product launches. 
One of the most exciting items is the new Twist Up Lipsticks. They are sheer and glossy(oh so 2012 !) and require no sharpener. They just twist up. I feel that I will be hunting  at least a few of these down as soon as they are in stores.

In addition there are five new eyeshadows being released (I want that pink one).
the display
Twist Up Swatches
Eeenricaaa and Me
Annabelle is launching its own BB line too. With a  powder BB (a fancy duo sided sponge comes with it, for lighter or full coverage), a traditional BB with spf 15, a pencil for touch ups, and a double sized pencil that offers a BB on one side and a line filler on the other.
Marcelle's new shadows come in new quads with monochromatic shades and different finishes or a complementary quad. They even have two hidden applicators.
Macelle's BB line expands with a SPF version and a cream to powder BB compact.
I hope you liked the pics, I had a fantastic time. Thanks to Annabelle and Marcelle for having me. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these new products and review them.

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